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Comment Re:I know why this happened (Score 1) 580

The hint system was just an in-game implementation of the InvisiClues that they used to make. The electronic implementation was introduced in the Solid Gold line of discount repricings of the big classic games without feelies and such. (H2G2, Planetfall, Zork I, Wishbringer, and Leather Goddesses of Phobos were the series.)

Later on, they added it to a couple of first releases as well - I know that Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head nor Tail of it had it as well.

Comment Re:Verizon is in Apple's Best Interest! (Re: Apple (Score 1) 237

Goddamn, I wish I had some modpoints.
No matter which carrier they went with, that one would have had people gnashing teeth and rending garments because of bad experiences. Conversely, you'd have people who use the chosen one who all say that they haven't had any problems. (We haven't really had much problem with AT&T, for what that's worth.)

All cell carriers suck a bunch of the time.

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