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Comment: Re:Care to list your reasons, then? (Score 1) 674

What other disadvantages do you ascribe to it?

My main objection is that it provides no serious advantage over menus, it's hard to find the things that are used less frequently, it changes dynamically, meaning that I often have to hunt around to find the item I need rather than knowing exactly where it is no matter what, it's cluttered and visually confusing, it requires configuration to become remotely usable, and so on.

It doesn't take up meaningfully more space than the menu bar would (it takes significantly *less* space than a menu bar plus a single toolbar)

Not on my machines. I'm looking at the ribbon in Outlook right now, and it take up three times the space that a menu + toolbar does.

it scales to multiple resolutions and window sizes better than menus do, it makes it easy to see what the effect of an action will be before you click

I disagree with both of these assertions.

A lot of this (maybe most) boils down to taste, so let me just leave you with my #1 objection: I'm much less efficient working with the ribbon than with the menus. The ribbon just gets in my way.

Comment: Re:One switch to rule them all? (Score 1, Insightful) 674

Do you really think that the only reason people could hate the ribbon is because they don't know how to use it? That's simply delusional. At least now I know where the equally mistaken belief that the only reason people could hate Metro is because they don't know how to use it comes from.

Comment: Why I stopped playing games (Score 1) 178

by JohnFen (#47315581) Attached to: The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

The advent of all games involving a "social" context, requiring access to the internet, and the use of DLC and micropayments, is what made me give quit gaming entirely. The cheat code business is a side-effect of this. This is one of the items on my short list of things that the internet has made worse.

Comment: Re:What's wrong with Disqus? (Score 1) 142

by JohnFen (#47281901) Attached to: Mozilla Working On a New Website Comment System

A number of things, but the three worst, in my view, are that it is very often extremely slow to load (and sometimes fails to load at all), it requires me to allow Disqus to run Javascript, and it involves a third party (Disqus) sitting between me and the blog -- which means that I have to allow myself to be tracked across multiple websites just so I can make a comment.

Sites that use Disqus are sites that don't allow comments as far as I'm concerned.

Comment: Re:Speculation... (Score 1) 455

by JohnFen (#47276749) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

I was looking for a used car, found one one craigslist. Got a cashiers check to pay for it received the car and title payed with the check. Tried to get a temporary tag from the dmv but the car was never registered to the guy i got it from.

You should never pay until after the title check and a mechanic has taken a look at the car. Then you don't have to worry about this type of problem.

What are my options? Am i just out of luck?

You have the same options that you'd have if a dealer did this to you: sue. Although if I were in your shoes and the check never cleared, I'd just park the car in the guy's driveway, drop the title & keys in his mailbox and walk away.

But basically, we have different priorities. You feel this isn't stressful. I would find having to validate the title to be stressful.

Clearly we do. A title check is just a stop to the DMV website. It's no more or less stressful than online shopping.

I've had good luck with warranties. Most have been close to break-even.

If I had such experience, I would probably feel differently. But, seriously, I can't think of a single time that I actually used a warranty on anything I had. It's all just burnt money.

Comment: Re:Speculation... (Score 1) 455

by JohnFen (#47276677) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

I'm afraid that you misread me -- I have no anger at all. I was just surprised to see Best Buy cited as an example of something being done right because that doesn't square with my experience.

I'm also not comparing website prices. I'm comparing prices of equipment sold in my local brick & mortar Best Buy with the same equipment sold in a nearby computer parts store. The nearby store, on average, is priced 2/3 to 1/2 of what Best Buy prices are. This might be influenced by the types of products I tend to buy -- I don't buy Rokus or movies there. I buy networking items: switches, cables, drive enclosures, that sort of thing.

Comment: Re:Speculation... (Score 1) 455

by JohnFen (#47273605) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

Wait until you get a car from a local person that turns out to not have a good title- or was in an accident and reconditioned. Talk about stress.

Not stressful at all, because I can, and do, easily run title and accident checks and get exactly the same information that a dealership would have. Plus, I don't have to worry that the dealership is withholding important information.

As I said above- internet bidding is VERY low stress and laying an 8 year warranty over the top of that erases stress.

Warranties don't decrease my stress level at all -- they merely increase the sense that I've just got ripped off. But that's a personal issue. In any case, you may find the internet bidding process to be low stress, but that certainly isn't true for everybody. The stress comes from interacting with a dealership, and internet bidding doesn't eliminate that.

I keep my cars a long time (or until a high school student totals them from behind).

As do I.

Comment: Re:manucturer dealers could be worse (Score 1) 455

by JohnFen (#47273221) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

Many aspects of the dealership people find unpleasant will still be there with a manufacturer run dealership. One of them is the credit checks for the loans.

I seriously doubt that the credit check for a loan even appears on list of things that people find unpleasant about dealerships. If it does, it's certain to be dead last. At least, when I hear people complaining about dealerships (and in my own complaints about them), "the credit check" has never, ever been mentioned.

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