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Comment: Re:The over-65's swung it for No (Score 1) 444

by Cederic (#47955557) Attached to: Scotland Votes No To Independence

At which point have I ever commented on whether No campaigners were misbehaving? Are you suggesting that justifies the violence, intimidation and lies from the Yes campaign that you find it so hard to acknowledge did take place?

As for Jim Sillars his other comments show him to be a small minded pathetic bully but no, that doesn't justify physically assaulting him.

Your denial is boring, I'm leaving this conversation. Be nice to people or get the fuck out of my country.

Comment: Re:Apple sells jewelry, plain and simple (Score 0) 314

by smash (#47955415) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

You get logs on the Mac and plenty of diagnostic tools including dtrace. If the phone is broken you take it back to apple and they give you a new one, but there are diagnostic logs on that too that you can get off it.

Sounds like you're a typical nerd who gets asked to support apple gear and you're out of your depth, so just say "it's crap" because you don't understand it.

Comment: Re:Apple sells jewelry, plain and simple (Score 3, Insightful) 314

by smash (#47954947) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

Whilst the iphone is pretty, what apple actually sells is a device you don't have to babysit, that does what it says on the box in a manner that is both attractive and pleasant to use.

The reason many people, myself included by apple gear is because I have spent the past 20 years babysitting computer shit because it half does what it says, needs care to use to ensure it doesn't get malware, etc. I'm fucking over it. I don't care about the theoretical reduced flexibility if the device does what I actually want it to do, and doesn't need babysitting.

Being pretty is a bonus, not the primary motivator.

Comment: economy of scale... (Score 4, Insightful) 314

by smash (#47954595) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

... there's a reason apple don't make 35 different models of smartphone, 18 different laptop models, and 5 different lines of desktop (like other OEMs seem determined to do).

Because stamping out 100 million copies of a single model (e.g., iphone) is a LOT more cost effective than trying to tool up to stamp out 10 million copies each of 10 different models. Which means that they can increase their profit margin or increase feature set at the same price as they see fit.

Comment: Re:I've never shorted a stock (Score 1) 97

by TheRaven64 (#47953737) Attached to: Microsoft Kills Off Its Trustworthy Computing Group
XP also tweaked the VM subsystem in a way that was quite noticeable if you had more than about 256MB of RAM (better performance), but the main feature it added was remote desktop (although only in the Pro version). I was quite tempted to upgrade from 2K for the remote desktop stuff.

Comment: Re:What for? (Score 1) 182

by TheRaven64 (#47953219) Attached to: Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't
I'm not a huge fan. The goal of D was to produce a better C++, but if you're designing a new language then C++ really isn't where I'd choose to start. It's not as bad as Ruby (I can't imagine the kind of person who would look at Smalltalk and say 'what this language really needs is Perl-like syntax'. Actually, I can't imagine the kind of person who'd say that about any language. Including Perl). Rust is probably the modern language that I like the most.

Comment: Re:Is there a single field that doesn't? (Score 1) 437

by Cederic (#47952743) Attached to: Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem

I've had that too - getting abuse for holding a door open for a woman.

Clearly she felt that she was a precious snowflake and that I was making an unwanted advance to her.

Curiously the other 17 men and women I held a door open for that day welcomed my advance, mostly going as far as to actually thank me for it. I guess they appreciated the simple courtesy of holding a door open for them.

Comment: Re:Is there a single field that doesn't? (Score 1) 437

by Cederic (#47952731) Attached to: Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem

Hint, pressing your body up against an unwilling partner is unwanted sexual contact.

Greeting someone with a hug is not sexual contact, unwanted or otherwise.

How the fuck is someone meant to know when you do and don't hug anyway.

It may be a social faux-pas, but trust me, it's equally fucking awkward when you have Aspergers and people actually expect a hug.

Or are you telling me that all those women I know are actually making sexual overtures when they expect me to hug them?

So sorry but I give no fucking credibility to a study that treats greeting hugs as 'sexual assault'.

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