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Comment Toys that actually make her think (Score 4, Interesting) 584 584

Growing up, we had Commodore 64s, Atari 800s, and Tandy Color Computers to interest us.

This would be, by far, the best money you could spend.

This single handedly made me fall in love with logic, design, and creative problem solving.

Comment We need a Kickstarter campaign for Timothy (Score 4, Funny) 287 287

We could raise money to teach him how to read. And then, maybe, we could send him to a school that will teach him how to read a full article, and apply basic cognitive skills before spewing all over slashdot.

Anyone with me?

Comment Um, this isn't as amazing as some might think... (Score 5, Interesting) 167 167

This is simply good stewardship. One of the largest exchanges (actually not, Bitstamp, rather another ahem Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange site) had a rush of buy orders, so they decided to redeem an address they kept in cold, offline storage to meet demand.

This is a good thing(tm), as it means that there isn't any fractional deposit factoring going on.

Comment If Google Fiber is a "Major ISP", what about epbFI (Score 2) 186 186

Google Fiber has nothing on Chattanooga's epbFI footprint and speeds... this is the message I sent Ken:

Hi Ken,

I saw your latest blog post, and noticed that you included Google Fiber, but not EPBfi. Chattanooga's fiber network is much larger than Google's pilot, and as a customer, I know that I have never received anything less than your highest XL level stream.

Please extract statistics for and to show our statistics.




Submission + - Android 2.2 Features Announced By Google->

evdotorrey writes: Google announced new features and improvements for Android 2.2. New features include Flash Support, HTML 5 support, faster browser performance using the V8 engine, Microsoft Exchange Support, Portable Hotspot Feature that makes your phone a WiFi hotspot, and many more exciting features!
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