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Comment Re:Sadly Microsoft encouraged this. (Score 1) 65

Nowadays? Easy. In 5 years? 10? No idea. I wanted to burn a blu-ray on Linux and it turned out that Ubuntu doesn't support it out-of-the box... (14.10). Probably has also to do that the relationship between the cdrtools (former cdrecord) is not good to put it nice. But maybe more with optical media being on a steep decline? Anyway, Burn on OS X saved the day.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 928

Fun fact, I communicated with aforementioned biologists via email (and later Facebook) before we met IRL [1]. There never has been any need for calling each other rude names. On the contrary, most of them are so extremely polite that now and then I feel uncomfortable. I can't even call myself an amateur arachnologist yet they have always treated me with respect, and replied to my questions without all the "U n00b" and "U 1user" attitude I constantly see in IT.

I am a member of several Facebook groups (on arachnids, on orchids, etc.) and most of the time the discussions are friendly and polite. The total amount of abrasive attitude one can find in the comments to a single Slashdot posts between people, even excluding ACs, I haven't seen in all those groups together for years. Oh, and there are plenty of females in those groups. Maybe that's no coincidence?

[1] Another fun fact, I met my wife online, also.

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