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Comment: Re:This is so sad. (Score 1) 290

My point is that quite some people here, and on similar sites, judge products by their own requirements and it it doesn't meet those they consider it a huge failure. They don't seem to get that the requirements of "normal" people greatly differs from theirs. Each and every time. So when something is predicted a huge failure on Slashdot don't be surprised if it sells millions and millions.

Comment: Re:Call me an old guy with a short attention span (Score 1) 87

by John Bokma (#49380089) Attached to: No Film At 11: the Case For the Less-Video-Is-More MOOC

A few months ago I did the "Introduction to functional programming" MOOC on edX. At first I thought that I would hate watching videos. But what worked for me was:

  • Read the chapter in the book
  • Watch the video at 1.5x speed
  • Pause the video when there was a need to take notes

After a while it became even fun and relaxing to watch the videos

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