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Comment Lightning Charger? Bias Much? (Score 1, Insightful) 401

There is no Lightning Charger, the charger has a normal USB connection. There is a Lightning cable, however. And to be honest I love it that for once I don't have to think which side goes up (or sideways). If this standard is any good it will use the new USB Type C standard.

FWIW I rather pay a "premium" on a cable that will not fry my hardware and might burn my house down.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 200

My daughter loves ScratchJr on my iPad. And also Monument Valley (check it out). She got a quilling set today and searched on YouTube on instruction videos. She's 8 years old. So, yeah, really bad those iPads. You remind me a bit of my mother who at first got a bit upset with me because I was very often behind my ZX Spectrum.

Comment Re:Sadly Microsoft encouraged this. (Score 1) 65

Nowadays? Easy. In 5 years? 10? No idea. I wanted to burn a blu-ray on Linux and it turned out that Ubuntu doesn't support it out-of-the box... (14.10). Probably has also to do that the relationship between the cdrtools (former cdrecord) is not good to put it nice. But maybe more with optical media being on a steep decline? Anyway, Burn on OS X saved the day.

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