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Comment: Re:Haskell? (Score 2) 135

by John Bokma (#49588873) Attached to: Paul Hudak, Co-creator of Haskell, Has Died
Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Intel, see: Haskell in industry: I don't know when you were in school, but if it was in the 90s (like me); the FP landscape has changed quite a bit since then. I did the edX course FP101x Introduction to Functional Programming (98%), which I can highly recommend to get a feel for Haskell.

Comment: Re:I wonder if it has anything to do with this (Score 2) 67

by John Bokma (#49588599) Attached to: Apple, IBM To Bring iPads To 5 Million Elderly Japanese
The shrinkage might be just because iPads lasts very long. "Older" models are handed down to family and friends, at least in my experience. My mother is still extremely happy with her iPad 2 (!). Also, I guess some people are waiting for the iPad "Pro" (or however it's going to be called) to be announced in October 2015. So I think the shrinkage is just temporary and sales will pick up later this year.

Comment: Re:Nightmare scenario (Score 1) 417

by John Bokma (#49541017) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says
I've bought twice an Acer notebook and it was twice too often. Now the Dell inspiron I bought 7 years (!) ago is still going strong. Only issue (so far) is that the charger is no longer recognized by the notebook thanks to a known issue by Dell. Sadly Dell refuses to do a thing about it but a charger is cheap.

Comment: Re:all they have to do is lure them to a webpage (Score 5, Informative) 134

by John Bokma (#49531007) Attached to: New Javascript Attack Lets Websites Spy On the CPU's Cache

Our attack, which is an extension of the last-level cache attacks of Yarom et al. [23], allows a remote adversary recover information belonging to other processes, other users and even other virtual machines running on the same physical host as the victim web browser. We describe the fundamentals behind our attack, evaluate its performance using a high bandwidth covert channel and finally use it to construct a system-wide mouse/network activity logger.


Comment: Re:This is so sad. (Score 1) 290

My point is that quite some people here, and on similar sites, judge products by their own requirements and it it doesn't meet those they consider it a huge failure. They don't seem to get that the requirements of "normal" people greatly differs from theirs. Each and every time. So when something is predicted a huge failure on Slashdot don't be surprised if it sells millions and millions.

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