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Comment: Re:So while all of this was happening (Score 1) 708

Ah, so you haven't learned how to not leave your buttons outside for any body to push.

You should get started on that right away. One should never allow another to control ones internal state.

p.s. I'm suprised at the amount of people talking about martial arts, mainly just for the physical aspect, and that fighting back is the only solution people seem to fixate on.

Comment: Re:Assistant Principal doesn't believe it was bull (Score 1) 708

um, first, stop assuming because you're wrong and the fact you can't think of anything besides those two things shows your limitations.

Second, you do know punishment doesn't work do you? Or you're one of those weird church nutters that believes jesus did away with all religious requirements except for the punishment of children? See, how I copied you? I even left out the most obvious fanboi option.

and 3rd. Monkey see, monkey do. If you read the postings on the topic here there are a significant number of people who were bullied that would relish the opportunity to bully someone weaker or in a weakened position.

Forth and most significant, don't you want to know how he 'solved' bullying? Doesn't that seem the least bit important to you?

No, of course not. You've already solved it with 'punishment' which in your head seems to be abuse that's sanctified because of its 'educative' goals.*

Of course, that's how perpetrators of any human vice justify their personal use. They alone, out of the whole human race, actually have a reason for their actions.

* If bullies are frequently heard talking about how they're going to teach-someone-a-lesson, in your world does that mean we should let the abuse slide and just judge them on their poor teaching skills?

Comment: Re:Rewarding the bullies... (Score 1) 708

ah, so it stems from stick-up-the-butt-itis which makes you anal about the literality of stuff.

Some people don't sweat the small stuff, generally enjoy life and can even see the pleasure in the little things and possibilities!

oh, and btw, you're an idiot. If you're going to be waving around fallacies try and understand them all. It's bad form to enact a fallacy while decrying one.

Comment: Re:misleading and tendentious (Score 1) 702

by Jmc23 (#46770017) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy
No, you stats fail.

Your last point has nothing to do with what the study is looking at. While you're at it though, what percentage of people in the 90th do you think are altruistic? We didn't take into account how often each group clips their toenails per month, but you know what, when you really understand science you don't have to.

Comment: Re:Same old, same old. (Score 1) 708

I was the shorter, skinnier, weaker, broken, 4-eyed, scoliotic, poor, immigrant minority, genius with speech and behavioural problems. I was the bottom of the totem pole picked on by all parties.

It only took fixing the broken parts to get people, and animals, to stop bullying me.

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