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Comment: Re:misleading and tendentious (Score 1) 559

by Jmc23 (#46770017) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy
No, you stats fail.

Your last point has nothing to do with what the study is looking at. While you're at it though, what percentage of people in the 90th do you think are altruistic? We didn't take into account how often each group clips their toenails per month, but you know what, when you really understand science you don't have to.

Comment: Re:Same old, same old. (Score 1) 524

I was the shorter, skinnier, weaker, broken, 4-eyed, scoliotic, poor, immigrant minority, genius with speech and behavioural problems. I was the bottom of the totem pole picked on by all parties.

It only took fixing the broken parts to get people, and animals, to stop bullying me.

Comment: Re:So while all of this was happening (Score 1) 524

Ah, that's only because you're weak and broken.

It's interesting that when you get fixed, you feel the same way. Broken people are so cute and funny when they catastrophically over-react to the weight of a fly landing on them. It's very hard not to push their buttons. Like putting a newborn kitten on something slippery, it's just too cute to see the undeveloped struggle with trivialities.

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