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Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 324

If you're going to make out of the ordinary purchases for overseas, or travel overseas, you always want to call your bank ahead of time. This is a standard operating procedure, and nothing to complain about on Slashdot.

Even that doesn't ensure that you don't have problems. We used to use HSBC. As we found out, their fraud detection algorithms are terrible. I returned from a trip to Mexico to be greeted by a flurry of voice mails from them telling me to call them and that my card had been shut off. I called them to straighten things out and was told that I should have called them before travelling to Mexico. I asked them where they would look to find this information and he responded that he would look at my customer account and in the comments section it would say..... Oh. I see you called us to tell us you'd be traveling in Mexico.

That wasn't the first major fubar on their part and a week later I cancelled the account.

Comment Re: Antitrust... (Score 3, Insightful) 222

No. They are intentionally not selling the _devices_ manufactured by their two biggest competitors. Big difference.

I think Amazon is acting like a spoiled three year old, but it doesn't strike me as antitrust. People can get Chromecast and Apple TV lots of other places. It's not like Amazon was the only outlet.

Comment Re:Install Linux (Score 1) 288

Sadly, this isn't always an option. For users who's only use of a computer is watching cat videos, doing email, etc., sure this option is a good one. But some of us have Windows forced down our throats due to applications we are required to run. I'm a marine electrician and virtually all of the diagnostic and configuration tools that various vendors provide require Windows. As a side line I do vinyl graphics work and the only reliable and realistic solutions run on Windows. I'll admit that I haven't tried Wine in a few years, but last time I tried it Wine still wouldn't run outlier applications and even some that it would run didn't run reliably. If you're futzing around on your desktop, or working on hobby use, that's fine. But if you are doing professional work in an industry with predominantly Windows only tools, and you are billing for your time, you need to be cost effective and reliable to be competitive. That means that you must have at least one machine, or VM instance, which runs Windows.

Comment Re:Downloading != Installing (Score 1) 288

Unfortunately many users just click on the ok button, or whatever button they think will make the dialog box go away. They are more intent on consuming the content then on what is actually happening on their system. My wife is a perfect example; despite years of my trying to get her to ask about dialog boxes that pop up that she doesn't understand, she still just clicks ok and moves on. Sometimes she'll comment about why does this keep happening, but generally she just wants her Faceballs access to continue without interruption. Sadly, this is most likely the norm.

Comment Subject (Score 5, Insightful) 307

I block them all and will continue to do so until a site guarantees that they will serve up only static images hosted on their site, then I will white list that site. My rules are:
1) No scripts.
2) No cross-site anything.
3) No movement or sound in the ad.
4) Ads are served from the same server as the content with no delays.

Basically make it like an ad in a dead tree periodical. I've never heard of somebody catching TB because the typesetter had it, but we sure get viruses from the digital equivalent.

I realize that this will never happen. But I an fantasize.

Comment What about lefties? (Score 1) 44

At roughly 10% of the population left handed people are a minority. Watch designs have historically been designed for right handed people. When watches were mechanical devices that made sense. It didn't make economical sense to manufacturer two different designs of watches and it would have been to complex, and therefore expensive, to provide a stem and/or buttons on both sides of the watch. But with purely digital watches most of those barriers go away. What is the cost per watch to provide an additional button? Or even more simply, what about a configuration option that changes the orientation of the display. In the case of the Moto 360 that would mean that the button would be at the 7 o'clock position if worn upside down by a leftie. The button would be easily pushed by the thumb instead of the forefinger, but at least your hand would be out of the way.

People, just think of the lefties.

Comment Re:Would I eat it? (Score 1) 149

Written, I sure, by somebody under 40. I'm 57. If the adverse affects may manifest themselves in 30-50 years then I would start being at risk at 87. Given my health, my genes, and medical science, barring any accident, I fully expect to live into my late 80's or even into my 90's. To blithely dismiss the risks to people in their 50's or 60's is pretty calloused. Perhaps you'll view your longevity differently once you're in your 50's.

Comment Re:I have no problem with this (Score 1) 130

Great idea, in theory. I used to use HSBC and got tired of telling them that I'd be traveling to a foreign country only to have them put a security hold on my account when I used my card in that country. One priceless conversation with a support droid went like this:
Me: Why is there a security hold on my account?
Droid: We noticed an attempt to use the card in Mexico.
Me: I called and notified the bank that I would be traveling in Mexico. Don't you record and track that information.
Droid: We certainly do. It would be right here in your customer.... Oh. I see it says you'll be traveling in Mexico.
Me: (heavy sigh)

Even the foreign country thing isn't a valid measure. HSBC put a security hold on my account because we used the card in Canada. They told me that I should have notified them that I would be traveling in Canada. (This was before the Mexico incident.) When I pointed out that the city I was in was right next door to us, but they had no problem with me using my card in Seattle which is quite a ways away, their response was that I was in a foreign country.

Needless to say we no longer use HSBC. HSBC was also the bank that put our account on hold for suspicious activity because we'd used it to buy something on the internet.

So the issue isn't whether the bank knows where you are, it's whether they can effectively utilize the information for the stated purpose. Some may be able to do so, but I'm willing to bet that for others the request comes from the marketing department instead of the fraud department.

Comment What was the survey verbiage? (Score 5, Insightful) 110

Without knowing how the questions were phrased, the survey is pretty much meaningless. For example:

1) The pilot's association believes that drones present a real and tangible threat to air safety. Do you think they should be permitted to fly in areas where airplanes may be flying?

2) Do you believe that drones which have been proven to be safe should be allowed to be flown by trained individuals in urban areas?

Those two questions essentially ask the same question but will illicit opposite answers from most survey takers.

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