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by Jethro (#46667435) Attached to: The Amazon Fire TV Is Kind of a Mess

Works perfectly for me... granted, I tend to only use it for one Simpsons episode at a time, but I have streamed full 2+ hour 1080p movies with DTS sound on the thing, and have used it for a few days when my regular media center was down. It's never been more sluggish than any other XBMC implementation I've tried...

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by Jethro (#46665947) Attached to: The Amazon Fire TV Is Kind of a Mess

Or a Raspberry PI with one of the XBMC distros for well under $50 including all the accessories you'll need. I have one of those set up as an entertainment center for my treadmill.

The living room has a mini PC with Ubuntu and an old version of MythTV. I'd love to switch to XBMC (or a current version of Myth) but customising the remote buttons with XBMC is an insane pain, and the music player in the new MythTV (and XBMC) are horrific.

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by Jethro (#46329911) Attached to: Why Nissan Is Talking To Tesla Model S Owners

Tesla sell real cars that happen to be all-electric. And by "real" I mean "practical". The leaf has a range of maybe 80 miles. And (according to a NIssan dealer) that drops to "maybe 40" in the Minnesota winter. Even if Tesla cars lose half their advertised range here, it's still more than the Leaf's optimal conditions range.

I looked into the Leaf last time I was car shopping. I went to a Nissan dealer. They told me they don't actually HAVE a Leaf, but they'd be happy to show me a picture of one. They said they'd have three of them in stock in three months, because people had pre-ordered them, and maybe I could look at one then. Not test-drive one though. Just look.

But it's really the range that's the problem. There's no competition for Tesla on practicality. There's definitely competition on affordability.

Leaf is definitely a niche vehicle for people who never commute very far. Ever. I'd love to have an all-electric car, but a Leaf doesn't have the range, and a Tesla is way the hell too expensive. I kinda liked the Volt (over-engineered UI notwithstanding) but I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a car. Plus that guy's half-gas so it's a totally different ballpark than a Leaf is anyway.

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by Jethro (#46050845) Attached to: CES 2014: Stefan Lindsay Demonstrates the gTar (Video)

I remember seeing ads in Guitar Magazine and the like decades ago for guitars with LEDs in the fretboard that teach you how to play. I remember seeing an infomercial-type thing where they had Mark Knopfler play with one.

I find it fairly interesting how a lot of things labelled as the "first" to do something are really not.

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