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Comment Re:Change log? (Score 2) 115

Same here.
Popup without ANY indication what was installed or why.
No mention of anything in AppStore Update history either.
They do that already for regular security updates.
Why not for the auto-pushed one ?
At least I would have expected to see a "Security update automatically installed on December 23. Click here for more info." message.

I agree. You can find the install info, but not in the App Store where you'd expect to see it.
About this Mac -> More Info (opens System Info) - under Software, click on Installations, then click on the Install Date header to sort.

Comment Re:It should be noted that... (Score 1) 115

What you assume is incorrect. Automatic updates are not enabled on my Mac, and this update was the first ever that installed all by itself, merely notifying me after it had done so.

It installed automatically on my Mavericks machine with a notification afterwards. The option I have checked that allowed it is: System Preferences -> App Store -> and checkbox "Install system data files and security updates"

Comment Re:I'm not sure these buttons belong to the Wash P (Score 1) 136

No. Bezos bought the Washington Post newspaper and online version, but he did not buy the Washington Post Company, which owns slate.

First, Slate is a property of the Washington Post Company but is not part of the Washington Post. Neither it nor Foreign Policy nor the Root have been sold. In fact, Bezos isn't even buying the building in which the Post is currently located.
--end quote--

Comment Re:the moral of the story (Score 1) 448

No, this was a clear violation of CPNI. They either needed to confirm his identity via physical photo ID or his password/Pin over the phone. If they gave ANY information about his account at all, even the fact that he had one, without the Pin/Password they violated CPNI and their fines will be substantial.

Now if his Pin was something stupid like his birthday, well that's his own fault.

As far as I understand it, CPNI rules only apply to telecommunications carriers.

Comment Ot-of-pocket-maximum is your friend (Score 1) 501

Your insurance pays everything after you hit your annual out-of-pocket-maximum. For instance the lowest-end plan offered by my employer:

Lowest premium with highest deductible
No office visit co-pays, but member is responsible for full cost of care until $6,000 (individual) or $12,000 (family) deductible is met
No co-insurance responsibility - After $6,000/$12,000 deductible/out-of-pocket max is met, plan pays 100% for covered services
Certain preventative care is covered at 100%
Prescriptions have the same co-pay amounts as other PPO options ($10 for generic, $40 for formulary).

As an individual, my total yearly cost beyond the premium payments is capped at 6,000.

Note a lot of plans have a higher out-of-pocket-max than the deductible.

Comment Generator transfer switch test? (Score 2) 305

With various reports referring to it as a power outage and others as a test of backup systems, I'd guess this was a generator load test where something went wrong with the transfer switch. We do those off-hours monthly at the data center where I work and, being the nervous sort, I'm grateful they usually coincide with one of my days off, although ours have gone smoothly.

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