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+ - Google Reader shares private data, ruins Christmas->

Submitted by Felipe Hoffa
Felipe Hoffa writes: One week ago Google Reader's team decided showing your private data to all your GMail contacts. No need to opt-in, no way to opt-out. Complaints haven't been answered. Some users share their problems, including one family that won't be able to enjoy this Christmas due to this "feature". Will this start happening with all Google products?

You can check a summary of complaints or the whole thread.

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+ - Google Funny

Submitted by Awebit
Awebit writes: Was just a little bored at work so tried Google to see where a few searches went for "I'm Feeling Lucky". First search "maps", no surpise there went to Google Maps. Second search "search", hmm, that went to Windows Live Search Working in a Search engine advertising company we all thought that was quite funny. Third search "search engine", this went to and one finaly search "best search engine", this went to Why do we all use Google if Google don't even rate themselves? lol

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