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Comment Nook Owner Here (Score 2) 132

Bought the Tablet the week of release and paid around $250.00 w/handsome flip cover. It's fits in my suit pocket so it actually goes to meetings. Great screen - easy to read, displays AV content pleasingly (charts, pics, NetFlix etc), good sound. Has page numbers! With format-shifting Calibre I can load any content out there and the expandable memory let's me add all I need. Mine's nearly two years old so the idea of "doing it again" is basically moot. Technology marches etc...I'd buy something up to the 2013 minute now, like the new Nexus 7 with faster page loading maybe, but I have no need to replace my Nook. It's still doing what I paid it to do in '11. It's bulletproof. Battery holding up...It's a real GLU, a great little unit.

Comment 4 Cars? (Score 4, Funny) 627

"And just how strong is the Model S roof, which is secured with aerospace-grade bolts? It broke a testing machine that was pushing down on the roof with the equivalent of the weight of four cars."

Four cars? Pshaw. Forty years ago my Volvo could bench press 6.

Comment Geek me to the max (Score 2) 193

Written like a true geekster. Look, shopping isn't particularly about distribution...that may indeed be what selling is about (although I doubt it), but shopping is a whole nuther animal. When I'm stuck behind my tesla 19" wonderwindow for hours, I often lunge at any excuse to get out of the home office. If that means heading to Trader Joes for some fresh ciabatta bread (squeezed by me to be sure) or a taste of that new sauce the nice lady hands me I'm winning on two levels. I'm out of the house and in control of buying and perusing. Bumping into somebody cute is icing on the cake. I can't do any of that from my desk. Certainly for many commodities online shopping has real merit, and it's possible that by chipping away at the margins Amazon may render less enlightened establishments vulnerable, but the breathless prose of the writer is more wishful thinking than anything truly predictive.

Comment Musk doth protest too much? (Score 1) 700

First an initial ''charge complete,'' (the point, warned Tesla, where anything more shortens battery life), then a 2 mile detour to Manhattan.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 3, Insightful) 331

as a politician in a small northeastern city yours is i think the best reason for strongly supporting our public libraries in two critical areas; keeping the hours of operation as liberal as possible, especially during what may be generally difficult financial times, and keeping the facilities technologically up to date. your story is a reason to continue doing so, a primer on the results and, really, an inspiration.

- js.

Comment Multi Purpose Hardware (Score 1) 217

Interesting article for its limitations but it misses what I think is the real trend - multi purpose devices.

On Black Friday I was all set to purchase some sort of consumer streaming machine when I stumbled across a Sony display at Walmart featuring a Blu-Ray player that also connected to the web via LAN and streamed video content for what I thought was a reasonable 99 dollars. After a little research back home I found a really good deal: a Sony 3D Blu-Ray player (BDP-S580) from Best Buy that also streams dozens of additional internet channels, some free (the 3 Stooges!) via both LAN and inboard Wi-Fi, with resolution up to 1080p, and plays 3D Blu-rays as well. The 109 dollar unit also included 2 USB ports for outboard content and a browser although it doesn't yet support flash. Hook up was a cinch even if Wi-Fi synching did take some time. It's stable however and I haven't had to redo anything in three months of operation including the occasional power outage.

I watch NetFlix and downloaded movie files on my living room TV almost every evening and it's just a much better experience over staring at a desktop PC or laptop which I'd done for years (cord cutter here). NetFlix looks beautiful by the way.

The easy to use device is a game changer for me (no doubt it passes the baby sitter test). I only wish I had it ten years ago.

- js.

Comment As Seen on TV (Score 1) 374

Google is the modern equivalent of a huge, integrated television network, perhaps what in the past might have been a combined NBC/CBS.

It's pricey output, the things it spends its money on, from Google Maps to search to Google + to bandwidth are today's equivalent of tentpole programming like Ed Sullivan, Bonanza, The Tonight Show, Roots etc,. Its product of course, is viewers, us in other words, who are bundled and sold to advertisers in essentially the same fashion the TV networks did in the sixties.

Surely at this point in time this can't be up for debate or even news.

We "watch" Google all day long. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for moments. The fact that we interact a bit more with it doesn't alter the business equation or the reality of our relationship with the company.

- js.

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