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Comment: Re:Cry Me A River (Score 3, Insightful) 479

by JMJimmy (#47415583) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

No, it isn't.

Tools are simpler and easier to use than ever, and this guy is mistaking nostalgia and innocence for actual difference.

When websites like TopCoder are offering $100-200 bounties for something as simple as changing how a table is sorted it really shows how it's become easier than ever. It's just layer after layer of needlessly complex code and we don't realize how inefficient, poorly designed/coded, and horrible it really is because the speed of the hardware masks it.

Working with a framework and some spreadsheet code things just didn't "feel" right to me, felt sluggish. No one else noticed it, they said it was fine, I was imagining things. It took me almost a full day of digging to discover that a single 37 character line of code was slowing everything down - no one bothered to do any efficiency testing on it because it was a "low level function". Changing it sped up the application a thousand fold. Had the code been well designed and not set on mounds of anonymous functions, hacks, and bad practices it probably would have taken about 20 minutes to locate and fix.

Just because something can accomplish the tasks you need it to simply/easily doesn't mean it's well designed, simple, or easy from a coding perspective.

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by JMJimmy (#47389853) Attached to: Amazon Fighting FTC Over In-App Purchases Fine

The only in app purchasing I can't decide is legit or not is Collectible Card games... Buying pre-defined sets of cards is fine, no different than DLC, though it severely limits the fun. Are the randomized packs akin to gambling or a necessary evil of the genre? If there was no randomness then buying individual cards/decks just becomes an "outspend" the other guy and developers could just keep upping the ante slightly so new cards are always a little better than the old ones.

Not sure...

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The pleasure seeking isn't the problem, it's the money->chance->loop. When you buy a game outright/DLC/etc it's a fixed cost no matter what actual mechanics are in the game. The moment you buy tokens (or gems or whatever name they want to put on it) and you're feeding it into something that has any sort of random generator it creates an entirely different dynamic. Companies would have a vested interest in tweaking the "randomness" of an item/game mechanic/etc.

Same issue arises with non-random items. Take a game that sells health packs - the developers could tweak damage output without the user knowing to encourage more purchases.

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by JMJimmy (#47389507) Attached to: Amazon Fighting FTC Over In-App Purchases Fine

In app purchases should be banned. They're horrible for the industry, in some cases they're no better than gambling (ie: buy tokens to feed into this jackpot like system to win a random digital item!). At the very least they should have a maximum any one user can spend before everything becomes free.

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by JMJimmy (#47389343) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Often Should You Change Jobs?

lol - there's a job you'd want to jump away from.

I forget the name but there's some theory that suggests that when you reach 80%(?) of the maximum salary for a specific position that you should start looking to move to the next rung up the ladder (salary wise, not necessarily in the same company/industry). It gives you some time to find the job since you're not maxed out and it keeps you in a good bargaining position. You may need to take a short term pay cut when you switch, just so long as the potential is far greater than your current position.

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Every time I read these types of studies I am baffled. I could sit in an empty room for days without issue. Just cause you're alone doesn't mean you're without stimuli - I actually enjoy sitting pondering problems and get annoyed when someone comes and distracts me from it.

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by JMJimmy (#47251821) Attached to: Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

AdBlock can't block inline scripts, combine that with simple obfuscation and there'd be no way to tell the ads from the images until they're already on your system. That's no different than now with cache but there are a couple things that can happen with local store that can't happen with cache. 1) Typing is meaningless - you can store the data as one type and read it out as another. 2) Just because you download it from X url doesn't mean you have to store it with the same name or even in a single piece. You'd have to be able to correlate the ID system specific to a given site or the piece(s) to the URL which maybe possible for a human to do but not via automation making AdBlock more time consuming and less valuable.

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by JMJimmy (#47249951) Attached to: Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

Also, I visit 1,000 websites in a week, if each one of them uses localStorage to the maximum that's 5gb - but when I visit a site that's not just one domain I'm hitting on Slashdot right now, even with AdBlock, I'm hitting 10 domains. There's my 50gb in 1 week... sure not every site will use localStorage, not every site will use it to the max but it can burn through memory like crazy. Cache is a set and forget, I really don't want to manage that crap for local store

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I don't think it is open and shut... perhaps for illegal search but they detained him legally, I believe, and released him without charge. The question is whether they had grounds to detain him. He can claim parody but there's not much indication of that. He used actual pictures of the man, made slanderous statements, and may have made claims to be the real mayor (not sure on this as I've not read the tweets). Very little of it seems parody-like from what I've read. I'll bet there will be a counter suit for slander if the statute of limitations hasn't run out.

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