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Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 317

Well, if you like going to those sites, it does become your problem as the more people who block ads, the less revenue they generate, and then their content will start to get worse, and eventually they'll disappear. It's not that I don't generally agree with you, but that point is clearly false.

It's not false. They can change the way they do business. NYT has proven that other models work - people will pay for quality content, others will be happy with ads, and others will use the freenet.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 166

It is solely for my phone... it's the pressure when I kneel down against the outside of the pant leg. With my phone the power button is on the top corner so it seems very easy to trigger in this way. There should be a two button option for problem phones (software) and/or a button that has guards at either end to prevent evenly distributed pressure from pressing the button (hardware).

Comment Simple (Score 5, Informative) 166

Many Android phones when you press the power button the screen activates with the "Emergency Call" touchable which means it easily enters calling mode. Since emergency services is the only valid call you can make from that screen those are the "butt dials" getting through.

More annoying is the fact that holding the power button, something that seems to happen often in my pocket, brings up the "silent/airplane mode/power off" options without having to enter the pass key. I've missed so many calls because of this damn "feature". It's a combination of bad phone design and bad software design.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 5, Insightful) 317

This. Even the courts agree - what comes onto my system is my choice. I can block whatever the @$#$ I don't want, i can twist and control the data that is on my system for personal use. Does this harm the sites I visit? Sure, they don't get the ad revenue. That's not my problem that's their problem. Not getting enough ad revenue? Find a different business model.

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Oh and by the way: https://imgur.com/88CgIY5

I memorized the locations, names, flags, and capitols of every country when I was 10 years old. I don't know everything about other countries but I picked up information about the languages from a discussion with a pair of PHD linguists we have in the family. I have trouble relating to them so I like to ask them about stuff in their field so at the very least I can learn something. This Christmas I get to learn about Celtic.

Comment Re:Are these sponsored stories? (Score 1) 153

So Walloon doesn't get a look in? You were caught out. Admit it.
Not sure what this means

Plus you didn't actually read article 13, as it states they will process the data internally, and that it is kept in accordance with Belgian & EU data protection laws.

I did read article 13, nothing in Belgian/EU privacy law would prevent what I'm talking about. It doesn't state that it will process the data internally, just that it's being processed (in accordance with the law - http://www.edrm.net/resources/... ) - they can sell the data to anyone within the EU without informing the customer and outside of the EU if they have permission, which they give themselves with that "unless you give us your explicit consent" -> "explicit authorization to exploit" trick.

Comment Re:Are these sponsored stories? (Score 1) 153

The opposite is happening of course... women's insurance is steadily going up as the new data, combined with the old, is starting to change the statistics. The problem is that these data points create falsehoods. Speed involved in an accident means speeding is bad to them, they collect data on speeders and charge them more... what really happens though is speed difference and distraction causes most accidents. Complex interactions that are not easily found in the single point data streams.

Anecdotally, I cruise 30% above the speed limit on the highway and have never got in an accident in that situation. I credit this to the fact that I am constantly on the lookout for idiots who pull into the high speed lane without accelerating or properly judging the time it will take me to overtake them. If I see the possibility of one of those situations I'll drop my speed closer to theirs and overtake them more slowly. That kind of data point is not something you can easily gather but it makes me a very safe driver (only accidents I have been in were due to blind corners with snow drifts > 6" deep.) By looking at these single factor issues you can rarely identify the truth of a thing, and those that you can (like drunk driving) have already been weeded out.

Comment Re:Are these sponsored stories? (Score 1) 153

a) Not American
b) Nederlands is the *Dutch* word for Dutch
c) Vlaams is the *Dutch* word for Flemish
d) The local vernacular varies wherever you go. Just because you haven't experienced it, doesn't mean it's universally that way. Take http://popvssoda.com/ for example. If you ask someone in California for a "pop" they likely wouldn't know what you're talking about while someone in Montana would. Here's a university reference for for Begian-Dutch: https://translate.google.ca/tr...

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