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Comment: Cancel *EVERYTHING* (Score 1) 276

by JBMcB (#49602965) Attached to: Native Hawaiian Panel Withdraws Support For World's Largest Telescope

Stop all federal funding for new construction projects in all of Hawaii. Cancel everything. Close all federally funded operations. Close Pearl Harbor and move the base back to the mainland. Cut all federal spending for Hawaii, including energy, roads, and education.

There, now Hawaii is protected.

Comment: Re:already done (Score 2) 126

by JBMcB (#49590985) Attached to: Obama Announces e-Book Scheme For Low-Income Communities

It's e-books, not e-readers. You can read an e-book on practically any device with a screen, from a $30 e-reader to a cell phone or a 10 year-old computer.

Same difference. There are libraries filled with books you can read for free. It's a sunk cost. What specific problem are ebooks going to solve?

You mean like this?

Exactly. Now take the money wasted on ebooks and fund that instead.

Comment: Re:already done (Score 2) 126

by JBMcB (#49590613) Attached to: Obama Announces e-Book Scheme For Low-Income Communities

By definition the middle class can AFFORD things, the poor and lower class need help MORE than the middle-class does.

So we're blowing money on e-readers when, last time I checked, libraries still exist? How about $250 million worth of more free pre-school for underprivileged kids, which has been proven to lead to better outcomes?

Comment: Re:Regulatory Capture (Score 1) 351

EPA: We need to see that study.

Researcher B: Sure, it uses a novel Beysian quantitative analysis based on 3 dimensional heat maps of multivariate data. I'm sure you have a team of domain-specific PhDs to go over the statistical methodology.

EPA: No, we're going to need more evidence...

Researcher B: What's that? I can't hear you over the screaming Greenpeace and Audubon Society protesters. Seriously, you need to do something about this industrial toxin poisoning our biosphere!

Comment: Regulatory Capture (Score 1, Interesting) 351

If you're wondering why using "secret" science to regulate various environmental issues is a bad idea:

Researcher A: I've just discovered a substrate that makes solar cells 50% more efficient. This pushes their cost effectiveness to the point of making widespread adoption a no-brainer.

Researcher B, funded by the coal lobby: Hey EPA - this new solar substrate causes birth defects in robins! You can't show the proof to anyone though as it involves a secret process...

EPA: OK, effective immediately this substrate is banned.

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