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Comment: Re:PHOSPHOR, not "phosphorus"... (Score 1) 376

by Ivan Stepaniuk (#46237927) Attached to: Laser Headlights Promise More Intense, Controllable Beams

You are right! According to Wikipedia "Phosphorus, the chemical element named for its light-emitting behavior, emits light due to chemiluminescence, not phosphorescence; hence it is not a phosphor.", go figure!

To make it even more confusing, as a native Spanish speaker, I use the same word "fósforo" for both the chemical element and the luminescent substances.

Comment: There is no laser light comming out (Score 3, Insightful) 376

by Ivan Stepaniuk (#46226989) Attached to: Laser Headlights Promise More Intense, Controllable Beams

Blue lasers positioned at the rear of the assembly fire onto a set of mirrors closer to the front. Those mirrors focus the laser energy into a lens filled with yellow phosphorus. The yellow phosphorus, when excited by the blue laser, emits an intense white light.

There is no coherent laser light coming out from the headlight.

Comment: Unvirtualization (Score 1) 335

by Ivan Stepaniuk (#44881607) Attached to: New Operating System Seeks To Replace Linux In the Cloud

If you don't need a n extra full fledged OS to run your JVM, maybe you shouldn't have virtualized it in the first place.

Wouldn't make sense to have a tool to manage and deploy self-contained packages that can run the JVM (or whatever) in an isolated way, with the Linux kernel alone?

Comment: Re:No chance... (Score 1) 732

by Ivan Stepaniuk (#44733337) Attached to: EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

Completely nonsense. Thinking the government benefits from the revenue of speeding tickets in Europe is ridiculous.

It may be the case in countries where the government does not cover the medical expenses of an injured person in a traffic accident. An ambulance transfer and one broken arm costs an European government with an universal healthcare system like more than a hundred speeding tickets, not to mention several broken bones, or even your funeral that would also be covered at zero cost for you or your family in many European countries.

Comment: Re:dd (Score 1) 295

Not really. Since a long time ago, hard drives have spare sectors to reallocate the bad ones when a read error is encountered. If the disk has reallocated sectors, faulty sectors could keep data because they are not accessible or writable through the IDE/SATA interface anymore. After sequentially erasing the drive with dd, those sectors could be read using vendor specific commands, by manipulating the reallocation table or using a modified firmware on the drive, etc.

This does not mean that an HDD cannot be erased without damaging it, just that dd alone is not enough. Chances are small, but disks with reallocated sectors (specially 4K sectors) can still contain sensitive data.

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