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Comment: Debian on shiny Retina Macbook Pro (Score 5, Interesting) 592

by Ivan Stepaniuk (#48844109) Attached to: Why Run Linux On Macs?

My company buys apple hardware for everybody and I have been working on GNU/Linux for 15 years. I use the operating system where I'm most productive, which is GNU/Linux. Also, nowadays OSX seems to be more prone to problems that were reserved for windows users in the past, like unexplicable slugginesh, tons of crap loading at startup, etc. No thanks.

+ - Quantum teleportation distance record smashed

Submitted by Ivan Stepaniuk
Ivan Stepaniuk (1569563) writes "For the first time, a team of physicists at the Univertisty of Geneva have successfully teleported a quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometers away through a fiber optic cable, smashing their own previous record of 6 kilometers, archieved a decade ago. The press release reports:

Passing from light into matter, using teleportation of a photon to a crystal, shows that, in quantum physics, it is not the composition of a particle which is important, but rather its state, since this can exist and persist outside such extreme differences as those which distinguish light from matter.

The paper was published in Nature Photonics (Paywall alert)"

Comment: Re:PHOSPHOR, not "phosphorus"... (Score 1) 376

by Ivan Stepaniuk (#46237927) Attached to: Laser Headlights Promise More Intense, Controllable Beams

You are right! According to Wikipedia "Phosphorus, the chemical element named for its light-emitting behavior, emits light due to chemiluminescence, not phosphorescence; hence it is not a phosphor.", go figure!

To make it even more confusing, as a native Spanish speaker, I use the same word "fósforo" for both the chemical element and the luminescent substances.

Comment: There is no laser light comming out (Score 3, Insightful) 376

by Ivan Stepaniuk (#46226989) Attached to: Laser Headlights Promise More Intense, Controllable Beams

Blue lasers positioned at the rear of the assembly fire onto a set of mirrors closer to the front. Those mirrors focus the laser energy into a lens filled with yellow phosphorus. The yellow phosphorus, when excited by the blue laser, emits an intense white light.

There is no coherent laser light coming out from the headlight.

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