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User Journal

Journal: The Perl 6 Troll

Journal by IpalindromeI

This entry is a ready-made response to the Perl 6 troll that shows up in almost every Perl story. It's almost exactly the same text every time, and it's rather annoying. Here's the cut-and-paste reply:

This troll is getting tiresome. Anyone who cares would have read it the other N times it's been posted:
<li><URL: / >
<li><URL: / >
<li><URL: / >
<li><URL: / >
<li><URL: / >
<li><URL: / >

User Journal

Journal: My Friends and Foes

Journal by IpalindromeI

This journal entry will serve as a spot to jot down why I have marked someone as Friend or Foe, so that I don't forget. I'll edit it whenever I make changes to my Friends or Foes list.

Here are the Friends:

  • 793528: His username matches his UID, and he journals about some cool stuff having to do with UIDs here on Slashdot. Also, his friend's list is pretty sweet.
  • AKAImBatman: He seems to write intelligently about tech stuff, and has some opinions that I think are interesting.
  • bcrowell: Befriended because this post makes it seem like he is fairly knowledgable about copyrights. Something which is very rare among this site's users.
  • Chacham: Found his journal through a comment he made in 793528's journal. Looks interesting.
  • CmdrTaco: Mostly so I get messages when he journals, which usually talk about Slashdot itself in some way. I have an interest in the goings on of this site.
  • ElleyKitten: Pretty simple; I enjoy her posts.
  • FortKnox: His journals are usually interesting. I especially liked the series that he did on a game of Total War.
  • kfg: kfg is awesome.
  • MBGMorden: This post reveals intelligent thinking regarding the GPL, which is refreshing on this site
  • Overly Critical Guy: His comments are entertaining because he calls people on their posturing. And really, there is enough posturing going on around this place.
  • UnrefinedLayman: Befriended because this post reveals that he is a critical thinker. I support critical thinking.
  • yintercept: I forget why, now. It was long ago. I believe it was something funny that he wrote.

And the Foes:

  • bani: This subthread says it all. These people aren't worth wasting time on.
  • keesh: Perl 6 Troll
  • Tassach: This thread reveals that he willfully ignores points brought up by the person he's arguing against (me, in that case). Overly argumentative to the point of ruining discussion. Does not favor raising the level of communication on Slashdot.

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"