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Comment: Re:Why not KDE (Score 2, Insightful) 394

by MBGMorden (#47980463) Attached to: Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop

I've been using Linux since 1997 (pretty much exclusively since 2009). I still prefer MInt over anything else. Eye candy is good, package management is good - and it is the primary platform for Cinnamon which removes all the retarded aspects of Gnome 3 to make it back into a decent desktop UI.

Comment: Moo (Score 1) 2

by Chacham (#47899487) Attached to: Subscriptions Are Over ~ Busy Penguin

Too bad on the subscriptions. :( I'd be happy to give you a page view--if it were possible--for you to never use, and thus enjoy the subscription.

It's also neat that you just let them have the address. Let's hope they remember you when they become world famous. :)

I also have a few names that i want to use but am too lazy to. Maybe we can get another site: LDNHA (Lazy Domain Name Holders Anonymous). Um, and is HTM really a tag?

Comment: Moo (Score 1) 3

by Chacham (#47815577) Attached to: Drive Died - Can't Subscribe

I have a subscription, but i never use it. :) Adblock rids all the ads for me, and i only really come for journals anyway.

Too bad the drive died. I know how that feels. Norton Ghost saved me once.

There are some solutions though, including placing the drive in the freezer for a couple hours and trying again. Though, a search just found this that warns against it.

On a side note, i have mod points. Should be coming to a JE near you. (Someone seems to have modded us all up recently as it is.) Everyone, please point me to your posts even if your rating isn't less than stellar.

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by Chacham (#47799355) Attached to: Seagate - At least I got a heads up

I wouldn't touch WD.

WD basically invented the hard drive and used to be awesome. Then they started selling garbage. After having a number of their drives fail and seeing online reports of the same, i no longer consider them an option. Same story with Epson for printers. It make me wonder why these great companies decided to destroy the one thing they had: A brand that stood for quality.

Comment: Re:Not worth it (Score 2) 251

by MBGMorden (#47757007) Attached to: New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

For the most part. Crapware isn't really like Malware you get from the red-light districts of the web. Most of it is just junk installed by the OEM that goes away when uninstalled.

That's not to say it might to leave a config file or registry entry lying around afterwards, but as far as visible, executing processes, most of them respond well to just uninstalling.

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