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Comment: Re:The irony (Score 1) 294 294

by MBGMorden (#49954699) Attached to: Study: Sixth Extinction Event Is Underway

What is considered "fit" isn't so simple as a longer neck or stronger muscles.

Technology and social structure are PART of evolution. As a matter of fact it seems that such things outweigh almost any of the other "natural" advantages a species might have.

At the end of the day, we squabble, and we can be short sighted, but the human race is the most evolved and complex species to ever walk this planet. From an evolutionary standpoint we're crowding everything else out. Honestly I don't think most species will survive long-term unless they are of use to us - either as pets, food, or work animals.

Comment: Re:and the beer is really good (Score 2) 528 528

There's no shortage of pretty good beer in the US (heck I make my own). The problem is that only a small percentage of people actually want it. Anything beyond Budweiser or Coors Light is considered "weird tasting". That's changing, but for the most part people are drinking that "mass marketed barley water" by choice, not out of lack of options.

User Journal

Journal: Chronicle: Killed smss.exe 4 4

Journal by Chacham

I almost never reboot Windows at the office. It takes too long, requires turning off all the stuff the IT department uses to ruin my day, and wastes time getting things setup just right. Instead, i just hibernate, and bear the few minutes it takes to get back to normal. (Hmm.. very winteresting.)

Comment: Re:More importantly (Score 1) 8 8

by Chacham (#49865543) Attached to: Rant: Warm office, but what can i do?

I'd far rather have a/c though!

Let's trade! We always want what we don't have, eh? :)

In your case, though, you can provide you're own A/C, as you have a window, put in a window fan, or a double window fan that can blow air both in and out. (I used to have one of those and was really happy. It may not be perfect, but you have some recourse. Enjoy what you have. :)

Comment: Re:The kneejerk anti-Stallman guys are out in forc (Score 1) 216 216

That doesn't mean they are all literate on the command line or that they understand a lot of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, but I daresay most of them understand the difference between open source vs. proprietary.

Don't confuse knowing the difference with caring about it. I've using Linux since the late 1990's. I have a CS degree and am a programmer for a living. I understand very well the "free in beer vs free as in speech" argument.

HOWEVER, most people really only care about the "zero cost" definition of free. And when it comes to open source most only care about the source actually being available, not whether its under the GPL or not.

"Libre" as it is applied by the zealots is a concept that only a very small subset of computer users care about - even if they understand it. You're not going to get them outraged by explaining it.

Consider the opposite: lets say Ubuntu listed software as "Free", but when you clicked install it prompted you for payment credentials for $5, with the justification being that you're free to modify the source and do as you wish, but the software has a monetary cost. THEN you'd see outrage because it'd be stepping on the definition of free that people actually care about.

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