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Comment: Re:The real booth babes ain't on the floor at RSA. (Score 5, Interesting) 326

by MBGMorden (#49349013) Attached to: RSA Conference Bans "Booth Babes"

Well, I guess it is a result of selecting differently based on personal preferences, parties and companies that need bought women, vs those who don't.

This weird taboo attitude towards sex confuses me.

Compare it to say, food. How much sense would it make if someone was proudly proclaiming their social and masculine prowess because they flew into a foreign town and then managed to track down a random stranger and after several hours of conversation and work, they convinced this stranger to cook them dinner. Might not even be a good dinner, but by golly they cooked it.

You'd consider them half crazy for not just going to a restaurant and ordering something - that would have probably been more enjoyable. As crazy as it sounds though, we attach that same thought process to sex. A guy who spends 4 hours worth of time and $200 in drinks and dinner to bed some random girl is seen as awesome while a guy who cuts to the chase with a $300 prostitute is shunned.

And the best (or I guess worst) excuse I've heard - from women - as to why prostitution shouldn't be legalized? Because if men had access to sex that easily they'd lose too much power in the relationship. That's the honest to goodness answer I've heard from quite a few of them.

Comment: Re:it could have been an accident (Score 1) 733

by MBGMorden (#49347773) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

If that happens one bullet doesn't typically "push" the other one out. Typically a bore obstruction will cause pressure to build dramatically resulting in a buldged and potentially ruptured barrel. You'd still quite possibly die with the gun to your head - but you wouldn't likely have 2 bullets in it.

BTW - usually this occurs on accident, not intentionally. Often times following what's termed a "squib" - a round of ammunition with a primer seated but no gun powder. The primer detonates and is enough to drive the bullet slightly into the barrel, but not out of it.

This is particularly a problem on a revolver. On a semi-auto a squib usually won't cycle the action, meaning you'd have to clear a jam first and might likely realize that something is wrong (a squib sounds very, very quiet compared to a normal shot). On a revolver though if you're shooting the next cylinder will just rotate into place and fire - the action isn't powered by the previous shot.

Comment: Re:inertia... oops! I mean, moo. (Score 1) 9

by Chacham (#49300167) Attached to: Verbiage: 42 is here

I'm probably the same way. Got to milk my 3 digit UID for all its worth. :)

I've never gone to a meetup. I'd be self-conscious, feel out of place, and so on. Add travel, and forget it. If there was one here in Detroit, i'd at least consider it.

I did meet one slashdotter though. He got me an interview in Toledo. Though i don't remember who it was, i remember his smile when i came through the door and feeling good about meeting someone else.

User Journal

Journal: Verbiage: 42 is here 9

Journal by Chacham

Last night, as the calendar shifted to 27 Adar, i became 42. My birthday is actually in Adar 1, but not being a leap year, there's no intercalary month, so its just plain Adar.

42 is cool and all, but as each year passes, i care less and less about birthdays. It's not more than just getting older. It's about understanding things, realizing how stupid young people are (like i was, back then) and just a general non caring. Life simply is.

Comment: Re:Missionaries (Score 1) 119

I pretty much hate our "disposable" culture anyways. Building things to a higher quality and repairing them when they break is just much more resource friendly - and you end up with better stuff to boot.

Which is better - a $15 waffle iron from Walmart that breaks and needs to be replaced every other year - or a $75 one that will last 25 years and when it does eventually break can be fixed for $10 to run another year? Which uses less raw materials over the life of the product? Think about not only the construction materials but also the packaging as each time that replacement comes in more plastic, cardboard, and styrofoam packaging.

As a people (and really as a planet) we seem to have forsaken and inclination to look at things from a long term perspective - its all about what's cheap in the short term. Eventually we will have to look at things differently.

Comment: Re:well.. (Score 2) 760

To my knowledge (correct me if I'm wrong), the money from tickets issued by the police goes at least partially to the local county and state

You're correct that in most (all?) of the US the local municipality gets a portion of any driving citations.

That's why many of them (at least here in SC) will often issue a "Careless Operation" ticket when they pull you over as a "favor". A speeding ticket here is often less than $100 but levies "points" against your license (ie, they make your insurance rate go up). Careless Operation runs around $250 but has no points associated, so your insurance generally isn't affected. The drivers thinks they're getting off lucky as the extra $150 in fines is much lower than the difference in insurance premiums would be and the police get a portion of a larger fine.

There is actually one small town nearby here that is documented to have over 2/3 of its annual budget come from traffic citations. The "town" is little more than an intersection with a population of under 100 people, but they have a police force of exactly 1 officer who just writes tickets all day long. The speed limit conveniently drops from 55 mph to 35 mph for about 1/4 mile while driving through there. Locals know better than to speed through that area, but they mostly catch people just passing through. I've always joked with friends that its a ticketable offense to drive through there with out-of-state plates.

Comment: Re:Missionaries (Score 1) 119

The Chinese, Indian and Eastern European devs are starting to get costly

That's not necessarily a bad thing. As the living standards an education levels of each group goes up eventually places run out of cheap backwaters to outsource to. Eventually the whole world gets more skilled and more prosperous.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. -- John Muir