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Comment: story is how they were getting early access... (Score 1) 120

story is that one of juniper's major partners was underhandedly selling prerelease, demo, & beta products to cisco. while legal, it's shady as fuck, and is almost certainly something that would have pissed juniper off to the point of severing ties with the vendor.

Comment: Re:Kids these days. (Score 1) 378

you have a very narrow definition of what 'hacking' is. i disagree, and the mods seem to agree with me.

what these kids did definitely qualifies as hacking.

taking apart a transistor radio to figure out how it works, and putting it back together, is hacking.

talking someone into giving you their password over the phone, is hacking. (yes, it's social engineering. that's a form of hacking.)

there are very many other, very wildly different examples i could give if i had the desire.

it's an umbrella term. deal with it.

Comment: Re:Kids these days. (Score 5, Insightful) 378

they were inquisitive, did some research, and experimented on a system, and succeeded in gaining unauthorized access. they then responsibly reported their findings to the device owner.

what these kids did, while perhaps not quite on par with hacking the gibson, still very much represents the (white hat) hacker ethos at work.

you, on the other hand, represent the asshat ethos, for downplaying what they did and trying to fiddle fart around with semantics.

Comment: Re:It's just sad... (Score 1) 164

by Ionized (#47158509) Attached to: 'Godfather of Ecstasy,' Chemist Sasha Shulgin Dies Aged 88

yes, all three substances affect the body quite differently if you take an up-close look at their chemical mechanisms. however that is completely tangential to the point i was making, or the post i was replying to.

read the post i was responding to again, and see if you can't grok my meaning.

+ - Lithium-Ion Batteries Be Woven From Yarn In The Future?

Submitted by cartechboy
cartechboy (2660665) writes "Currently, battery packs are solid units that take up space and are available in limited shapes. But what if your entire car seat became a large, comfortable battery? If recent experiments by scientists at Fudan University in Shanghai, China become reality, future lithium-ion battery packs could be woven from a yarn-like fabric. Wei Weng and his colleagues have designed and fabricated carbon nanotube composite yarns that can be wound around lithium-ion battery fibers and onto a cotton fiber, to create a lithium-ion battery. These fibers with a 1mm diameter can be woven into flexible textiles or cloth, like strands of any other material. This could lead to the dawn of wearable electronics since devices would have a power source that wouldn't require pockets and compartments for solid batteries. This leads to the automotive application for electric cars. Where there's material, there's a potential battery--think automotive trim panels, seats, carpets, and more as potential batteries. The battery so far exhibits impressive electrochemical properties--0.75 mWh/cm energy density and capacity retention of 87 percent after 100 cycles. Improvements are on going, but this could be the next big thing."

Comment: wrong (Score 2) 273

by Ionized (#46476503) Attached to: Is the New "Common Core SAT" Bill Gates' Doing?

what common core are YOU talking about?

so, to start with, the common core doesn't even have a required reading list, it leaves it open to schools to select.

ALSO, their 'sample texts' to help teachers out, do include plenty of classics! it SPECIFICALLY MENTIONS shakespeare in the wiki blurb!

so, you're doubly wrong. wtf, bro?

+ - Want to Prove How Dinosaurs Walked? Pin a Tail on a Chicken

Submitted by Penguinisto
Penguinisto (415985) writes "Researchers have recently gotten a cool idea: If you want to prove how a dinosaur walked, why not test the theory on today's birds? They decided to test things out by putting prosthetic tails on chicks to provide the same balance issues that a T-Rex (and similar bipedal dinosaurs) faced. The prosthetic tails were periodically replaced with larger versions as the chicks grew. The results were astonishing: After 12 weeks, the chickens' legs were measured, and were discovered to have decreased range-of-motion in the knees while their femurs grew longer... just like the T-Rex. You can also see a nifty video of how they did this."

Comment: Re:not useless at all... (Score 1) 351

by Ionized (#46039199) Attached to: Fighting the Flu May Hurt Those Around You

you did, in fact, say this:

When you're sick enough to (feel you) need medication, stay at home. Don't spread germs all over the workplace / auditorium / public mass transport.

Nice idea, but almost useless....

which is quite clearly false. staying home while you are sick is far from useless, it very clearly does cut down on the amount of germs you are spreading by a large margin. you cannot completely eliminate the spread of germs, but you can affect it greatly, and should do so.

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