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Comment naysayers are missing the point (Score 4, Informative) 172

comparing this to PNG or h.265 is missing the point - this is not a compression algorithm for creating new files. this is a way to take files you already have and make them smaller. users are going to upload JPG and h.264 files to dropbox, that is a given - so saying PNG is better is moot.

Comment Re:read the SUMMARY you idiot (Score 1) 202

can a highly advanced, well funded laboratory tell the difference? probably.

can the seedy vendors and back alley thugs that sell this stuff? or the superstitious clients buying it? seems less likely.

in fact, why would the sellers even care? as long as the buyers can't tell the difference, the sellers will happily sell fake stuff, even knowingly.

Comment read the SUMMARY you idiot (Score 1) 202

"...chemically indistinguishable from the natural variety, but are 3-D printed to look the same. The idea is that if they can flood the market with human-made rhino horns, it will cut poaching"

how exactly are the buyers going to know whether it's genuine horn or counterfeit? the point is to lie and sell these as real, thus dropping the price considerably.

Comment ikea hack for over a year, will never go back (Score 4, Informative) 340

using the ikea LACK side table on top of my normal desk, which puts my keyboard and mouse right and hand-height. You can use a circular saw to cut the legs off to your exact specifications.
+ tall VIVO desk mount monitor stand, which raises the monitor & laptop to eye height.
+ hog heaven floor mat to stand on.

The rare times I need to sit, I just unplug my laptop and take it over to a chair. In theory, the monitor height is easily adjustable via a fast-latch, and the ikea stand can be removed, so within a minute I could be back to a normal desk - but i find the change of environment from disconnecting and moving to a separate space is more relaxing.

My lower back used to hurt CONSTANTLY, but since I've been standing it has been a night-and-day improvement. I can't recommend it enough. the transition period was surprisingly easy. I suggest taking your chair away completely for the first week or two - if it's nearby you will be tempted to cheat, and far more likely to give up, I think.

Comment Re: i'm going with 98% of the scientific community (Score 1) 278

Ok let's say that only 60% of experts agree that man is the primary cause of the current trends. A number that I pulled out my anus, and is surely way too low.

I'm going to go with 60% of the experts.

Incidentally, those are the 60% that aren't on the payroll of the oil or coal industry.

Comment Re:Alarming Freedom (Score 4, Insightful) 278

because the topics mentioned aren't opinions, they are facts - there is no room for someone to have an opinion on whether "the Earth is getting warmer mostly due to human activity" for instance. Either it is, or it isn't, and facts overwhelmingly point to yes. By denying those facts we are totally fucking ourselves in the ass, pardon my french.

Comment ohmigosh stop the presses! (Score -1, Flamebait) 121

holy crap facebook should pay you a million dollar salary for noticing the glaring flaw in their solution. it's a shame that their team of experts were unfamiliar with this 'hard drive' technology you speak of. If only they had done more research!

Good thing we have you, stoned_ritual, expert on the subject, to chime in with a better solution!

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