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Comment: Repent! Repent! For the end is nigh.... (Score 0) 348

by Inzite (#36790306) Attached to: Microsoft Developer Made the Most Changes To Linux 3.0 Code
The Lord's book has foretold just this event, promised to occur just as Jesus Christ our savior returns to reign on earth as King of kings.

Or, the way I prefer to think about it: "Last call for fornicating and altar boy fondling! The party ends in five minutes. So satisfy your sinful urges one last time, and start moving towards the door. Oh yeah, and don't forget to step into the confessional on your way out."

Comment: Re:the media (Score 2) 580

by Inzite (#35515968) Attached to: US Alarmed Over Japan's Nuclear Crisis
You're obviously consulting the wrong media.

Some suggestions:
* Russia Today
* Bloomberg
* The Guardian
* The Wall Street Journal / The Financial Times
* Al Jazeera (hit and miss - great coverage of Egypt/Libya/Bahrain, terrible coverage of Japan)
* Der Spiegel

Note: True financial publications like Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal (e.g., NOT CNBC) tend to get their facts straight because their readership is much more demanding. Financial publications aren't perfect (The Financial Times' coverage of Russia has historically been pathetic), but they're a hell of a lot better than what passes for news in the US. I'm American and I don't even watch mainstream US news or read mainstream newspapers anymore - the signal to noise is just dismal.

Comment: Re:Politicians are full of shit. (Score 2) 308

by Inzite (#35303614) Attached to: New Internal Cavity X-ray Technology for Airports

The terrorists aren't using the government, the government is using the terrorists.

Seems like a mutually beneficial relationship to me.

To draw a parallel with another resilient industry, who's actually using whom? Is the sex-obsessed client exploiting the vulnerable, defenseless prostitute? Or is it really the prostitute who's exploiting the client?

Either way, it's a comfy scenario for the military-industrial pimp.

Comment: Re:too late (Score 5, Interesting) 837

by Inzite (#33115722) Attached to: WikiLeaks 'a Clear and Present Danger,' Says WaPo
This is neither about putting the cat back into the bag nor about preventing future leaks. This is about responding by doing something , regardless of whether or not that something that must be done is justified, legal, pragmatic, ethical, or effective.

Reacting has become the solitary goal of take some kind of action when their constituents feel threatened, regardless of whether that action is appropriate, or if there even exists any action whatsoever is appropriate.

Cases in point:
The War on Terrorism
Warrantless Wiretapping
The War on Drugs
Felony Time for Personal Drug Use
The Pledge of Allegiance
The Witchhunt to Determine Who Killed Michael Jackson
Laws Banning Assisted Suicide
Censorship of (insert media here)
Laws Against Flag Burning

It's a tragedy of this fully-padded, 100% sterilized, risk-free, instant-gratification, 24/7-connected dreamworld that we are increasingly inhabiting that there has to be an immediate cure for every evil. People no longer accept that sometimes the best action is no action at all.

You are lost in the Swamps of Despair.