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Comment Re:New eupemism? (Score 1) 179

I do most of the time when standing or walking, mostly because it's uncomfortable in the front pocket and difficult to get out. I have a Nexus 6, so it's a bigger phone, and no I don't wear skinny jeans. That being said, I take my phone out whenever I sit down. It's second nature at this point, I don't have to even think about it. So no worries about sitting on it and bending it.

Comment Re:Cell phone uses IPv6 (Score 2) 307

Same with Comcast. I tried for a years actually, but some things were too slow. Ubuntu and Debian repos in particular were painfully slow, even on my VMs on linode, digital ocean, and prgmr. I ended up having the servers force IPv4 for them when their IPv6 servers went down for days. Speed and latency on IPv6 have gotten much worse over the last couple years in my experience.

Also, it appears Android doesn't play nice with IPv6. It basically silently drops the connection eventually (I'm guessing it stops listening for the RA broadcasts), and push notifications fail. Happens on Samsung devices and my Nexus 6. So it's reliable either push notifications and low latency site loading, or use IPv6. I finally bit the bullet and disabled IPv6 on the router and all my issues went away.

Comment Re:Slow speed to orbit? (Score 2) 59

This should answer your question

Basically, the energy intensive part of getting to orbit isn't getting high, it's going fast enough horizontally. You basically have to be going so fast that the ground falls out from under you (due to the curvature of the Earth) before you can hit it.


Ask Slashdot: Are There Any Search Engines Left That Don't Try To Think For Me? 424

An anonymous reader writes: As a programmer especially, I'm becoming increasingly unhappy with Google searches. They try very hard to present me with what they think I'm searching for instead of what I'm actually searching for. This issue mostly shows up when searching error messages, obscure type and function names and stuff like that. What I think though, is that I only notice the issue when searching for stuff I know a lot about, namely programming, but my queries get distorted when I'm searching for just about anything, I just don't know enough about the subject to notice. Are there any alternative search engines left that don't think they know better than me what I'm looking for and just search for my phrase, like in the 2000s? Searching for exact strings is an option with Google, but what search engines are the most hands-off to start with?

Comment The new firmware misreports its supported features (Score 5, Informative) 65

Apparently the new firmware now advertises that it supports queued TRIM, when in fact it doesn't

The old firmware did not advertise queued TRIM support, so it wasn't an issue. The solution is a kernel patch to blacklist queued TRIM on all Samsung 8xx drives.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 72

Is the update that rewrites the data going to be a problem on a LUKS encrypted volume? From what I saw it looks like it only supports NTFS? I also have an NTFS partition on the drive though. I guess I'm just concerned about it borking the LUKS partition.

I hadn't heard about the original firmware update but was wondering why my read performance had gotten so much worse over time. Here I was blaming it on btrfs...

Comment Re:Jurors (Score 2) 303

The best explanation of asymmetric crypto (not taking authentication into account) that I've seen is mixing two colors of paint to create a third color. Each party can derive the other party's color by "subtracting" their color from the shared mixture. But an intermediary has no way of determining which two colors were mixed. This is an example that pretty much anyone can understand.

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