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Comment: Re:Memory usage? (Score 4, Informative) 115

by Ingenium13 (#46700001) Attached to: Google Chrome 34 Is Out: Responsive Images, Supervised Users

Wow, that's surprising. Chrome eats memory on Ubuntu 12.04. Using version 34, with 19 tabs open, I'm using 2.9GB of private memory and 1GB proportional. This page is using 150MB for me. Maybe it's a 64-bit thing? After a day or so memory usage will approach 6-8GB.

I've found gmail to be particularly bad. My gmail tab is at 400MB right now, but within 24 hours it will balloon to 1GB and then keep growing. I think it usually ends up around 2-2.5GB after a few days, but I've seen it higher. I think there must be some kind of JS memory leak or something.

That said, it's not usually that big of a deal for me. I have 16GB of RAM, most of which is just cache unless I load a VM. Chrome's memory leaks do force me to close the browser and restart it though when I need to free up a few GB for running multiple simultaneous VMs.

Comment: Re:I saw faster screening at Orlando (Score 1) 163

by Ingenium13 (#46326081) Attached to: Speedier Screening May Be Coming To an Airport Near You

Except when they deny you without telling you why, with no real appeal process, because you can't JUST get pre-check, you have to get one of the other certifications instead. The most common one is Global Entry, which allows expedited customs. Have you ever forgotten to declare something small coming back into the country and they find it (even if it's not prohibited)? Then you're permanently banned from this program. Ever had someone ship you something from overseas and accidentally misdeclare customs (outside your control)? Banned. I found out I was banned after paying the $100 non-refundable fee for the latter reason because a seller didn't fill out the customs form properly.

They need to offer a way to only get pre-check without going through one of the other programs.

Comment: Re:What security does Bluetooth have? (Score 1) 46

It used to suck battery on my older phones, but on my last 2 phones (current being Galaxy S4) it doesn't even register most of the time. Bluetooth is integrated into the same chip as wifi, so if you leave wifi on then it shouldn't really use any extra power.

Comment: Re:Warranty Shouldn't Matter (Score 1) 359

by Ingenium13 (#45999725) Attached to: GPUs Dropping Dead In 2011 MacBook Pro Models

No they don't. I had Power Mac G5, 3Ghz. I got it as soon as it came out. It was liquid cooled. I never put serious load on this system, I used it as a workstation but rarely was it ever running at 100% CPU usage. One day I noticed it shut off and wouldn't turn back on. Turns out the coolant had leaked out over the logic board, frying it. I had paid $3500 for the setup, it was 2 years old. Did some research and apparently the o-rings in the first few runs were known to be defective, and they silently switched to a different supplier later on because of it. They still refused to fix it unless I paid $1500 for a new logic board (maybe more depending on if more needed replaced). Not only that, the monitor I bought for it had the proprietary Apple connector, so was useless on any non-Apple computer.

I had been a huge Apple fan before this happened, but that was the last time I bought anything Apple.

Comment: Re:Open Wifi AP FTW! (Score 1) 18

by Ingenium13 (#45612551) Attached to: Barcelona Will Be a Big Test For HotSpot 2.0 Wi-Fi Connections

The system is basically automated WPA2 Enterprise. I read that a few airports in the US (Chicago) are starting to have this through Boingo. Normally Boingo is pay, but it's free for use through this service, so I'm guessing the carriers are paying a fee to them. It makes sense to authenticate the devices to make sure it's "allowed" to be on it.

Comment: Re:Lenovo. (Score 1) 477

by Ingenium13 (#45529371) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Laptops For Fans Of Pre-Retina MacBook Pro?

Agreed. I had a Thinkpad T400 and now a T430. I love them. Everything is user replaceable, and they don't look out of style after you've had it for 2 years since the design barely changes.

That said, the speakers are lacking. On Linux I have to crank the volume up to 200% often. I don't know of a way to do this in WIndows (partner has a T410 with WIndows).

Comment: Re:TAILS (Score 1) 234

by Ingenium13 (#45038815) Attached to: How The NSA Targets Tor

The solution to this is to run Tor (specifically the Tor bundle) in a combination VM (or container, such as Docker) and AppArmor/SELinux profile. So no changes are stored; it reverts to the original image each time it's run. Furthermore, you can the restrict access of everything other than the tor daemon to only be able to access the tor SOCKS port on localhost, and block all UDP (no DNS).

That way even if rooted with a 0-day, it can't really give up your identity and it won't persist. Sure, they could probably chain 0-days together to try to escape the VM/container and sandbox, but it would certainly make it quite a bit more difficult for them.

There are pre-made Docker containers and AppArmor profiles for the Tor bundle already. They just need modified/combined to let you use both at once.

Comment: Re:Memory availability breeds memory use (Score 1) 147

by Ingenium13 (#44523443) Attached to: Memory Wars May Herald Mobile Devices With Terabytes of Capacity

I had a 32GB card on my SGS4, but I quickly started running out of space from nandroid backups (the huge system image for the S4 doesn't help...I was running low on space with only 2-3 backups). Combined with TitaniumBackup backups and other data, and it just wasn't enough. Ended up having to upgrade to a 64GB card.

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