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Comment: Re:Title grammar? (Score 1) 168

by IndependentVik (#39014915) Attached to: Facebook Details Executive Salaries, Bonuses

It is a journalistic standard in America to use commas in place of the conjunction "and" when writing headlines. This started because, back in the old days of printed newspapers, you tried to do whatever you could to save space in your headlines for the words that formed the meat of the idea you were trying to convey.

Comment: Re:i very much dubt wikileads is coordinating it (Score 1) 715

by IndependentVik (#34487730) Attached to: MasterCard Hit By WikiLeaks Payback Attacks

And their Visa card, too? (Visa has also stopped processing donations.) You won't get far only carrying a Discover and Amex around. Your advice is impractical for the vast majority of people. The free market doesn't work when all the competitors bow down to the same government pressure.

Comment: Re:Antivirus? (Score 1) 318

by IndependentVik (#34430188) Attached to: AVG 2011 Update Causes Widespread Problems For 64-Bit Windows

I don't bother with having an Antivirus on the machine that I actively use. I use a systems settings manager. Anytime a registry value changes, added, or removed? I get a popup.

Well, you definitely made me curious. What software package do you use to monitor the registry? I googled registry monitors and got a ton of hits, with no idea which solutions were good.

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