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Malicious Online Retailer Ordered Held Without Bail 225

Posted by timothy
from the fair-enough dept.
Zaphod_85 writes "You may remember the New York Times story from a couple of weeks ago regarding Vitaly Borker, an online retailer intentionally harassing customers in order to gain linking points in Google's PageRank algorithm. Now, not only has Google altered their algorithm in order to prevent this tactic from being effective (Though according to Katherine Noyes at PCWorld, this tactic may never actually have been benefiting the website in the first place), Now Mr. Borker has the Feds to deal with. He is being charged with cyberstalking, wire fraud, mail fraud, and making interstate threats, and faces up to 50 years in prison if convicted on all counts. Given his disturbing behavior that brought about the charges, a federal judge has ordered he be held without bail while he awaits trial."

+ - Ask Slashdot: Game Engines Unity or Unreal

Submitted by ImperialXT
ImperialXT (1938692) writes "Myself and a few friends, have started to design a game. Currently there are 4 of us, but we expect that number will grow when the time to comes to start coding/drawing. We're currently looking into game engines, we intend to release this game for PC, Mac, Xbox360, and possibly Wii and PS3. From what we've been able to determine the amount of engines out there are large, but the two major engines that we're looking at are the Unity3 Engine and the Unreal Development Kit. While both are very advanced engines from the understanding we've been able to get from reading about both engines on their sites and various other sources. Each engine has their own good parts and bad parts, which is making it hard to decide which engine to use. While unreal seems at first glance to be the more powerful engine, at least from my perspective, it requires us to pay 25% of any money we earn over $5000 which when you look at it, is a lot of money. We're not designing this game to make lots of money, but if it does make us alot of money we're not exactly fond of handing out 25% of that to them. Unity seems to be a bit more friendly in some cases where we can purchase a pro license for $1500 and that's it any profit we make from games, we make in unity is ours to keep without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money. The game we're looking at making is a 3rd person linear story based game, with a fantasy setting. We've discovered alot of comparisions on the web, but none have been up-to-date or unbiased as far as we can tell. So my question to the readers is what do you think is the superior option here and why?, or is there another engine out there, that we don't know of that's even more suitable for this?"

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