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Comment: Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 978

by Illicon (#35721042) Attached to: Arizona Governor Proposes Flab Tax
Medicaid is an entitlement from the government. This is not the government trying to tell anyone how to live, but the government restricting what behavior they will support with entitlements. That is part of the definition of free choice and smaller government. If you don't like it, you have the free choice to not be on Medicaid. I'm not saying this is a perfect argument for several reasons, and I'm also not saying that the Republicans are never hypocritical in trying to control American citizens' lives. God knows they are. I'm simply pointing out that the idea of "taxing" Medicaid is the equivalent of a political double-negative and in no way anti-conservative.

Comment: Tax? (Score 1) 978

by Illicon (#35720560) Attached to: Arizona Governor Proposes Flab Tax
I have a big problem with this title being political spin. Medicaid is an entitlement. You cannot tax an entitlement. You can change the rules to reduce the cost of the entitlement, which, if fiscal policy was a zero sum game would equate to a tax CUT. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Still, this is NOT a tax. I have the same issue when politicians try to repeal a tax cut and claim they are not raising taxes, just repealing a cut. Bullshit.

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