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Comment Always On Sucks (Score 4, Interesting) 230

I've got an XBox One and currently a really shit internet connection (digital nomad in Spain sharing wifi across 3 different flats).

When the internet goes dodgy and the XBox One loses access, I can't save my game and the games start missing features.

Sure my predicament is a bit odd, but I can't be the only person with flakey Internet. Not being able to save a single player game just because you aren't online is a bit off imo.

Comment Re:What is it? (Score 0) 191

it tells you in the article ...

For those not familiar with Force Touch, it detects how hard a user presses down on the screen giving an additional type of input. As Bloomberg mentions, it is already used in the Apple Watch and new MacBook Pros and, while we can only speculate how Apple will implement it in iOS, the potential here is huge.

Comment Secure Skype Replacement? (Score 1) 69

Can anyone recommend a secure Skype replacement? I've been using Telegraph for real time chat, which has a great mobile experience, but only one of my friends has transitioned to it, everyone else is still all over WhatsApp. Telegraph also doesn't do video data.

I saw Snowdon talk last week and whilst he didn't say anything that hadn't already been said and printed, his passion has definitely motivated me to take a bit more personal responsibility.

Several of my IRC channels have now also moved to Slack, which is probably a step backwards for security.

Comment Re:These days... (Score 2, Insightful) 892

Ultimately, I think this whole thing is stupid. I'm a guy, but I have to imagine this is patronizing as all hell to women. Isn't this the kind of shit feminists have been fighting forever?

This is the Social Justice Warrior brand of feminism rather than the egalitarian brand of feminism.

"It's like deja vu all over again." -- Yogi Berra