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Because of the uncertainty of how much power your solar panels will have available, the provider must maintain sufficient margin available to handle the instantaneous load of the entire system.

It was always true that the provider had to maintain sufficient margin between electrical supply and demand in order to prevent blackouts. And yes, now they have to look at weather reports to determine not just demand but also supply--although the two cancel each other out to a degree because people use less A/C on cloudy days.

But providers now have one additional tool to manage demand: smart meters. Conceptually, you can program your smart meter to raise your thermostat temperature in the summer during periods of high electrical demand, or lower your hot water temperature, or turn off lights, or tell your washer to refuse to start a load of laundry until the demand event has passed. As a result, providers can now reduce demand within seconds where it otherwise takes 10 minutes to bring a peaker plant online, and this reduces the margin providers need to maintain.

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The U.S.A. is as capitalist as ever...

Except for our non-railroad roads, those represent socialism (government ownership of the means of production).

And parking lots that cities force developers to overbuild. That's private ownership but strong government control over the means of production which is dirigism which is closely associated with fascism.

The USA may have been a capitalist country in its early history, but it hasn't been that way for many decades.

The Courts

Uber Faces $410 Million Canadian Class Action Suit 245 245

farrellj writes: A class action suit has been filed by the Taxi and Limo drivers and owners in the Province of Ontario in Canada against Uber, demanding CAN$400 million in compensatory damages, $10 million in punitive damages. They claim Uber is violating the Ontario Highway Traffic Act that covers taxis and limos, and has caused them to lose money. They also seek an injunction against Uber operating in Ontario. "This protectionist suit is without merit," Uber said in a statement. "As we saw from a recent court ruling in Ontario, Uber is operating legally and is a business model distinct from traditional taxi services."

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But when the kids come out of the test and report that 1/2 the questions were on Greek and Roman history...would you think that the "American History" class the next year would follow the previous year's curriculum?

You have a good point. They would combine American and British history into one class in order to cover more questions on the test. If this is undesirable, then the test is faulty.

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