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+ - Stephen Colbert as President of USA 1

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realsilly writes: "Could it be true? Stephen Colbert has announced his run for President of the good old US of A. Here is the link to where I first saw the article here and here I can't say that I'd vote for him, but it is rather comical to read about. What do you think about this? Joke or Real?"

+ - RF used to "Burn" Salt Water->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: A cancer researcher has stumbled upon a way to literally burn salt water by exposing it to radio waves. The RF energy weakens the bonds, releasing the hydrogen that can then be burned. Further research will determine whether or not this is a viable alternative fuel source.
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+ - Salt water as fuel? Erie man hopes so->

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An anonymous reader writes: For obvious reasons, scientists long have thought that salt water couldn't be burned.

So when an Erie man announced he'd ignited salt water with the radio-frequency generator he'd invented, some thought it a was a hoax.

John Kanzius, a Washington County native, tried to desalinate seawater with a generator he developed to treat cancer, and it caused a flash in the test tube.

Within days, he had the salt water in the test tube burning like a candle, as long as it was exposed to radio frequencies.

Is this the end of oil era?
Article at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is here:

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+ - Radio Frequencies Help Burn Salt Water

Submitted by cryfreedomlove
cryfreedomlove writes: This article describes a recent accidental discovery that radio frequencies can help create a reaction that burns salt water. Imagine the human suffering we could alleviate with a cheap, clean power sources near the world's oceans.

+ - Significant Plant Blooming Research Faked

Submitted by
eldavojohn writes: "A Swedish research group has asked that its paper on how plants know when to bloom be retracted from Science Magazine which had previously heralded it as the third most important breakthrough of 2005. The Swedish university has placed the blame on a guest researcher from China who reported results that the research group was unable to recreate later. Tao Huang, the researcher in question, denies any wrong doing and claims the results are valid. From the article, Ove Nilsson who is the research professor from the Faculty of Science and Agriculture at Umeaa University told AFP, "Chinese researchers are under a lot of pressure from their country and are expected to produce a maximum amount of results in order to get a job." The research initially claimed to have proven that the florigen molecule that controls plant blooming plays the role of messenger in the process."

+ - MS Silverlight to support Linux after all?

Submitted by
Monroe Thomas
Monroe Thomas writes: "From the blog of the UI designer of Windows Home Server:

"Silverlight, the new cross-browser plug-in from Microsoft delivers rich new media experiences on the Web. In a nutshell Silverlight (formerly known as "WPFe" or Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) is shaping up to be a very compelling alternative to Flash. Silverlight is a XAML rendering engine that runs in a browser plug-in and is targeted to work with Linux, Mac and Windows browsers. It does almost everything that WPF does, with the exception of some 3D rendering capabilities. I'm super excited about this new platform and have a feeling this will be all over MIX07.""

+ - Tolkien's last book hits the streets

Submitted by
javipas writes: "As noted on Slashdot, J.R.R. Tolkien didn't had the time to finish his last book, but his son Christopher has completed his work. "The children of Húrin" is the posthumous work of the creator of "The Lord of The Rings" saga, but the story happens long before Frodo's journey. The book will be on shelves today, but even without having sold a copy, more and more people talk about the potential big-screen adaptation."

+ - I'm not a spammer

Submitted by tfinniga
tfinniga writes: A spammer has recently started using my domain name as "From:" addresses when sending out spam. I'm worried about my domain being blacklisted, and I'm annoyed by the bounces — I'm getting about 1000 bounce messages a day. Unfortunately, I give out a different email address to each site I visit:,,, etc., and the spammer is using a different address for each mail, so simple address filtering doesn't work.

What is the best way of avoiding being put on a blacklist, and dealing with the flood of bounces?

+ - Ogg-Vorbis player available on chip

Submitted by korbin_dallas
korbin_dallas writes: I found this poking around the Sparkfun website. products_id=8300

From the manufaturers website:
"VS1000 is a single-chip Ogg Vorbis (license-free audio codec) player. VS1000 contains a high-performance low-power DSP core VS_DSP4, Nand Flash interface, Full Speed USB port, general purpose I/O pins, SPI, UART, as well as a high-quality variable-sample-rate stereo DAC, and an earphone amplifier and a common voltage buffer. The device also features internal voltage regulators and voltage monitor. VS1000 can be powered from one supply voltage."

So now you have no excuse, get out there and build that Ogg-Vorb player! Only $10 for the chip.

How long do you all think it will be before we get a descent Ogg player or is it already too late, and MP3s have it locked up?

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