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Comment Re:And I didn't say it was the letter R (Score 1) 8 8

How does serving in the Army change the validity or existence of an Ivy League degree? That is quite a non-sequitur, there.

Military service is a viable (though by no means sole) path to manhood. I commend it to you.

That was not an insult. It was an observation regarding your comments.

And then you go all Krustyfrackwench on me.

Comment Re:The Firefox OS project needs to be terminated. (Score 1) 73 73

In fact, as a developer, Firefox OS is much more closed to me than Android or iOS are.


The problem with FirefoxOS can be summed up in one word: web. The Mozilla guys have NEVER accepted that the web is a shitty platform. The closest they ever came to that was inventing XUL and XBL, but I read that they have been trying to move away from them for a long time in favour of (gah) HTML 5.

Android and iOS utterly spank FirefoxOS because the engineers who built them have no starry-eyed ideological driven illusions about web technologies. Android manages to be open through the clever trick of .... wait for it .... being open source. Not marriage to a more or less randomly evolved technology stack. iOS simply doesn't care: it's an explicit non-goal for them.

Mozilla will continue to waste effort on ridiculous projects like this until they accept the fundamental truth that Javascript is not the worlds best language, HTML is not a particularly great layout language and CSS is not a great styling language. And the combination of all of them is less than the sum of its parts.

Comment And I didn't say it was the letter R (Score 1) 8 8

because he has the correct consonant after this name

No, he sounds rational, and has demonstrated courage in the Army.

You think that a different guy who went to Harvard is the antichrist, because the consonant after his name is the mark of the devil himself.

No, because he's a no-talent rodeo clown (as demonstrated by his record) defended by putzes such as yourself.

you have established a pretty clear bias against reality, there.

Oh, that there is one sick burn. Owie.

Comment Re:Greenspan (Score 1) 9 9

You're pretty much a Greek in all but character encoding, as far as I can tell from your oral attachment to the public nipple.
And let me stipulate that I think that's perfectly acceptable as a choice. My chief gripe is the way MY tax dollars are taken to pour down the same little endless circular holes for the $18 trillionth time, while you are all on your high-horse about it.

Comment Re:Why is that illegal? (Score 1) 228 228

Nice try but the NSA has to verify the communications (which they were of course monitoring) were with a real terrorist.

So either (A) you get no money, or they believe you an (B) whisk your friend off to an"unsafe house" for questioning.

You try to find out later what happened to him and you get to visit him in person!

Comment My last 3 android phones have had this feature (Score 0) 67 67

Taking and transcribing voicemail? My last 3 phones, all Android and going back at least four years, have had this feature. Is Apple really that far behind, that this feature comes out as News, and what's more, implies that they invented it?

Christ, does anyone editing this site actually keep up with technology?

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