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Comment Re:The answer is, "Republiucans and Democrats" (Score 1) 18

Let's parse that:

You're just in denial of your own self

"You're" contracts "you are". How do you use "are" without judging what "is"?

As you you refuse to acknowledge, there is no judgement being made.

I genuinely don't understand how you can use the third person of the verb "to be" as an assertion in a non-judgmental mode. A call is being made. This is where I endeavor to point out where the ruler is located, lay it down alongside the subject, and say "yeah, that looks about X inches long". But the key is not that *I* can lay down a judgment; rather, that the *other* person can look at the fact of the length of something, judge for themselves, and grow thereby.

You prefer charades, that's cool. Who's winning?

You seriously think me that intellectually dishonest?

User Journal

Journal Journal: When The Big Lie Runs Out Of Gas

White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked several questions about gun control during his press briefing today. Breitbart summarizes his responses, which were more of the same: endless references to "common sense" reforms which are never specified. Earnest wants to keep firearms out of the hands of "criminals and others who shouldn't have them"; so do we all, but how?

Comment Re:The answer is, "Republiucans and Democrats" (Score 1) 18

You're just in denial of your own self

Well, Judge, tell me what that is, then, as I've already stated it, only to find I've fallen short of your glory. I stand astonied at your willingness to assert wisdom, open your mouth, and emit what sure sounds a river of foolishness.

Comment Re:Monopoly on what exactly (Score 1) 72

I can't pay them to encourage them to ask.

Why do you think that makes sense?

It's just as poor an example, and badly worded at that.

In fact if you gave someone money without asking for sex, then they asked you for sex, that would in fact be quite legal... People do that every day in normal relationships.

Comment Monopoly on what exactly (Score 1) 72

Can you be picked up after calling a friend to come get you? If yes, why not when you "call" an Uber?

Just saying "legal monopoly" doesn't mean much without details.

I've been to London a number of times. I think London is the only city I've ever been where I really liked the cab system (black cabs specifically that is) - the drivers are friendly, the cars in great shape and clean.

But even so, what if you can't find one? If you call (if you can call) you might be waiting a long time, or have to walk a while to where you pick one up.

London is I think a model city where the black cabs and Uber can co-exist really well - because the black cabs already set a high bar of service, they are actually worth what the charge. Uber would take away minimal business from the black cabs overall, basically people who were really cheap or couldn't find a cab.

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 2) 618

And from the other Slashdot discussion, a picture of Linus and Greg sitting together. Wow, Linus wasn't kidding. Greg KH is enormous! I don't mean fat, I mean, literally he does appear to be a giant. Unless there's something weird about that camera perspective it's not totally surprising that Linus may have made a joke along the lines of "you should be scared of Greg".

Neutrinos are into physicists.