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Comment Re:systemd is one reason not to use Debian. (Score 1) 109

Dude, I dont know WTF your talking about,

I recently have been porting squeeze/wheezy custom SW to jessie, and getting rid of the old 100+ sysV bash init scripts has been wonderful. the service files are now like 9-12 lines long 3 lines of which are [] ini style segementation. 1 is a description and the rest just works. Simple as shit, haven't had a single failure or issue. The more I use systemd the more I like it. Please point out or provide links to the "not so good issues" you mention

Comment Re: Fat? It's not your fault! (Score 1) 663

Hey buddy, you'd better watch your mouth! It sounds like your dangerously close to accuse me of being a Liberal.

Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth! I used to donate to the IRA back when they were a decent, god-fearing group, blowing up building and heathens and shit.

I can't stand all these fuckin gubment regulations choking the ability of free market corps to buy elections and give their deserving CEOs well deserved 9 figure bonuses for shipping my job over to china. As long as I can put ramen and Twinkies on my trailer park FEMA trailer table, I'm happy.

And fuck the ACA and environment, God told me that I should be able to pop out 20 to 40 state supported flipper kids before my 6yo wife dies in childbirth or hits menopause.

As long as I'm free to open carry who the fuck cares that a couple of nutjobs a year legally buy some guns and kill a couple a dozen women and children (they're probably godamn liberals and deserve it anyway)

I can't stand that faggot Kenyan darkie muslim libral president we got now. You know the one that passed the republican health care plan, the wars for military iindustrial wefare state going. And Guantanamo open.

Fuck liberals!
Ohh Monday night Rehabilitation is on. I love rehabilitation!

America fuck yeah!

Comment Re:Have we learned NOTHING from horror films... (Score 2) 88

If he was wearing gloves, he wouldn't have made this discovery, nor would he have discovered a new weird bacteria or a "Potential New Cancer Fighting Compound"* that causes an allergic reaction.

* Note this entire phrase was thrown in for Grant and Investor "throw money at me" purposes.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?