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Comment Re:How about ... nothing? (Score 1) 169

I guess she could "just go out and run", care to be the one to tell her? She's done 2 half marathons so far, Destination Races - Kelowna BC and the Denver Rock N Roll half marathon and is just ramping up to do more. I'm not really much of a runner, I'm more of a Hockey Guy (As our son would say) is more my style. though after watching her run, I'm starting to feel inspired to try running a bit myself.

Comment Re:my experience (Score 1) 169

I'm a BIG Garmin/Suunto fan, I currently use a VivoSmart for daily use and the only time it comes off my wrist is a once a week charging. It does everything I need nearly perfectly. From on-call to exercise. I also have a Suunto hiking watch from the early 00's. To your knowledge, does Garmin combine the three things I listed (GPS, Music storage/playback, bluetooth) in one device?

Comment Re:Pussy! (Score 1) 169

My coworkers recommended that I build an arduino *something* and encase it in resin. While intriguing, I don't think it would meet WAF (Wife Approval Facter) On a side note, the ONLY piece of tech that I have ever discovered that meets an extremely high level of WAF are Harmony Remotes.

Comment Re:New iOS devices mostly unphased by water (Score 1) 169

If Garmin could add GPS and a bit of music storage to the VivoSmart I would recommend it to her in a heartbeat. As it is, the only apple device that I have in my possession is a PowerBook supplied by work. Everything else in my house is linux with the exception of a Yoga 2 Pro. (home desktop/mythtv, android phones, roku, openelec RPI etc etc etc)

So suggesting an over-priced status symbol for hipsters like an iWatch, which doesn't do GPS, is like saying you should get a Bugatti Veyron to do daily commuting and transport your family

Comment Re:I'm not a runner, but... (Score 1) 169

Ha OP here? My co-workers outed me this morning, because I posed to them the same question. They don't believe that I have a wife either! My wife is amazing and she does what she puts her mind to. For example, she's conquered all the official and un-official 14ers in Colorado.

The question I pose to most ./ers is: Can your wife do that?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot - smart electronics for a marathoner?

IMightB writes: Hello All,

My question is basically what is the best smart watch style device for runners. Must have features GPS, bluetooth and music storage for roughly 5 hours of use during a marathon. Pretty much everything else is a nice to have.

The backstory...

My wife has recently decided to enter her first marathon and unfortunately, the other day during a training run her 7gen iPod Mini gave up the ghost due to moisture accumulating in the armband and her Garmin Forerunner 15 only lasts about 3 hours with GPS on (despite Manufacturer claims to the contrary). She would like to consolidate devices down to something with a watch style format and start using a bluetooth headset. I currently use, and really like, a pair of aging Jaybird JF3's for a bluetooth headset and will probably recommend to her whatever Jaybirds current equivalent is in their lineup. But the watch portion is eluding me still. Based on my current research, the Sony SmartWatch 3 may be the only one that fits my wife's "Must have Requirements" Are there other options available? Can anyone with marathon or distance running experience share their thoughts on this subject?

Thanks in Advance

Comment Crap removal? (Score 2) 140

Since it is chromium based, does it

1) remove all the google phone home junk?
2) block ads
3) block js/flash
4) remove all the google phone home junk?
5) block all tracking?

if it doesn't do any of the above, what is the reason to switch?

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