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Comment Re: Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 2, Insightful) 293 293

Ummm so what if they refuse service because their bigoted? I still occasionally, see stores with a "we reserve the right to refuse service for any reason". It's their right as a business owner.

If someone doesn't want to take your money in an honest transaction, go to someplace that will. I'm kinda on board with the idea that the LBGT crowd is engaging in a witch hunt with their newfound ascendency.

Comment Re:Dents, chips... (Score 1) 93 93

Ermm also, what I was trying to say is that I consider the state of the glass to be the deal breaker. If the glass is broken, I will not let my kids anywhere near it. The TF101 glass is 100% fine, not a chip or crack anywhere, the body is falling apart. My Nexus 6 OHO... My Nexus 5 gave a gallant effort but succumbed too early. The Droid models did pretty well, but that was before I had kids....

Comment Re:Dents, chips... (Score 1) 93 93

I dunno about that. I have an aging TF101, that's beat the F* up but keeps running. I got it black friday, took it home to a wife and a 9mo (nearly 4 now) it's been with our youngest since birth (now nearly 2) the edge of the bezel no longer snaps in, the corners are so busted that the back plate doesn't fit properly. it is in a sorry looking state.

The thing is, it just keeps working. combined with the sweet, sweet Katt Kiss project (Shout out Duru!) I dont think the thing will ever stop working. My Nexus 6 screen survived exactly one toddler drop (with case!) before shattering.

Comment Re: And we wonder why music is such crap these day (Score 1) 301 301

It's OK, before your elightening post, I wasn't aware that music of any sort had nutritional value. Seriously, as a poster mentioned earlier, I remember life pre internet. I was a HS student from 90-94. Sharing via cassette tapes/mix tapes was the way it was done back then. This was before, buying copyright laws became vogue. The movie industry had just gotten their collective asseÃY handed to them by the ruling regarding VHS and time shifting.

If your seriously comparing shoplifting 1000 time vs copying your CD to mp3 and listening to it 100p your delusional.

Just because you grew up in a generations where you've been brainwashed by the media doesn't make it right.

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