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by ILongForDarkness (#47953397) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Avoid Becoming a Complacent Software Developer?

Good points. I'd also add: management/companies can fail developers many ways.

1) Too cost sensitive so forcing developers to work with out dated tools/restrictive computers. I worked in healthcare and you needed middle manager approval for a monitor larger than 19" (not your boss but your bosses boss). So you got a single 19" screen and windows XP (because IT didn't want to bother trying to support anything but the standard that all the secretaries already knew how to use).

2) Similar to 1) but a lack of bravery. In this case there is money around your boss is just too shy to step up and say: "hey our development staff could use a couple new people, or a week off to do training, or a new CI server". Another one is culture: not fighting for a culture that is supportive of creative people/professionals. Requiring a 9-5 day in suits and ties from developers when the team would rather work 10:30-6:30 in shorts. Your free to require that and developers are free to go somewhere that doesn't make them dress up like they are front desk clerks dealing with customers face to face all day. They manage by keeping their department of senior managements TODO list.

3) Giving detailed technical specs when they no longer have the technical knowledge to understand the tools that are currently being used. Manage towards maintainable business outcomes not lines of code on a screen.

Part of the problem is as others have pointed out already too: most engineering isn't innovative. How much of everyone's day is adding/making more a new page to list a customers address and order information? But is more than that too it is inertia a lot of which we do to ourselves. Things were done a certain way because the projects senior dev at the time code reviewed it into that standard. Now you have 1M+ lines of code all structured a particular way. Guess which way you'll be expected to code your new module? Guess how far a request to change that still and refactor the existing code base this month rather than pound out a few more features will go? You can get lucky and have management that understands and is good enough to say: we aren't going to do it that way anymore but it becomes the culture. You can go to a newer project, perhaps even in the same company, where the culture is still forming and either it is the way you like our perhaps you can help steer it that way: but guess what? You've just become that senior developer that people 10 years from know will likely be wishing it wasn't done that way. Change is the way developers like it: standardization is the way process management and product lines like it.

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Not sure what your third point is. I was saying "just move" isn't as easy as it sounds: ask Palestinians. It is the way it is but it doesn't make it easy that because a plurality of your province decided to separate you are going to go to great cost and move away from extended family so you can live under the government you want too. Democracies can have their problems just like anything made by people. For hundreds of years "we the people" didn't include anyone not a white male. Even the fear of a vocal minority can prevent things that the majority want because the vocal minority might stear funding needed to buy, er, "convince" voters your platform is the right one. I'd argue that is the case for large parts of the US for gun control, gay rights and healthcare reform: an issue become so hot button for a large minority that rather than making policies the majority want legislators just avoid even bringing the issue to a vote.

Additionally, the majority can infringe on the minorities property rights as I'd argue progressive taxation, tax exceptions for particular groups (like married couples, or people with children, people earning their incomes from capital, etc): the majority decides that the minority are better able to pay or they are more entitled to help because of situations they are in (often by choice). Better than a single dictator/ethnic group making all the decisions but still far from perfect.

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The problem is if you own property, you are your kids are part way through an education etc. Depending on how good of terms they leave on you might need a travel visa to go back and forth (say the FLQ started up again we we had some "troubles"). If you have a criminal record often presto you can't travel internationally and often if you are on the wrong side of a revolution you are a criminal.

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Same difference I think. It didn't make sense for Newfoundland to stay independent so they confederated. If Quebec separated they'd likely chose either to stay part of Canada, join Quebec, from an Atlantic trade club etc. They'd find someone to trade with. I'm guessing a lot of the coastal provinces do a lot of their trade with Quebec so maybe they'd still pal around. Problem is always the people that don't want to separate. If 100% of Quebecers wanted to separate I'd be all for it. No more mandatory/priority treatment to a bastard dialect of French, separate legal systems, they'd get to take their share of the national debt, Maple Leaf fans maybe would stop bitching all the time etc.

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What exactly wouldn't be "new media"? Does Flickr and the ilk count if they allow you to search what would otherwise be impossible with random hard copy photos? How about FB? If you start spending 4 hours a day reading your friends blog rather than watching TV does that become "new media"? Slippery slope. If they restrict it to precisely the areas of old media it is replacing, music, long format video maybe.

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Yep right next the in seat TV there was a USB port. I've seen it on about half the flights I've been on over the last couple years. Though I'm usually flying transatlantic so perhaps it is only bigger planes or longer flights that they bother to provide it. Pretty sweet when they have them tough: you arrive at your destination and your gadgets are all still fully charged. No: I need to go to the hotel for a couple hours to get my phone/tablet charged again.

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Wrong. 36" between seats. Just measured it I'm 30" from ass to knee sitting with my ass right against a wooden seat. The other 6" is the thickness or close enough not to matter of the chair. It isn't 36" leg room it is 36" from one seat to the same spot on the seat in front so the thickness of the chair is a factor too. I can just barely not touch the seat in front if when I seat down I sit perfectly straight and press with my legs back to flatten my back padding as much as possible. Anything short of that and I'm touching the seat in front.

Comment: Re:my solution is the gym (Score 1) 818

They absolutely must be placed there because they are attached to my leg. I can't raise my feet off the floor and to my chest for a 10hr flight without touching the seat in front sorry not going to happen. Why I do this is more times than not people start to move the seat back and feel some resistence. They look back see that there is a 6'3" person behind them and that it is my knees they are hitting and then they push to try to still get there seat back. Sorry jackness if we are in a pushing match I win. I'm not getting bruises on my knees so you can recline your sit 10 degrees.

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Probably reasonable. The problem is the first time you fly with an airline you have no idea how crammed they are versus the competition. Add to that they keep changing the configuration of the planes and you have no idea. I flew recently to Prague on Air Transit. On the way there the most comfortable I've flown yet other than when in an emergency aisle (and in a way better since the seat in front was close enough that I had access to a usb charger). On the way back: cramped as hell with about 20 3 yr olds in the surrounding 5 rows front and back. Same airline and route 1 week apart. You never know what you are getting for your $1000 and that isn't right.

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Thank you come again. Didn't know a lot about NetWare but I gather from Wikipedia/the time of when I was playing around our network was likely NetWare 2.0 with a few 386 and 486's that had just come in the last couple years. Sim City (original, or at least the first one I'd ever saw) was 32 bit I think. The FAT was loaded in memory which wouldn't have worked for 286 computers because they don't support 32bit addressing so kaboom.

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