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Comment Re:I Call B.S. (Score 1) 394 394

Or alternatively assumes that you are widest at the ass and then taper down at the legs. It could just be an optical illusion but I don't think so: the seats look narrower at the front than the back. They are making them irregular quadralaterals and then overlapping them as far as I can tell. Essentially assuming everyone is going to be cool having their feet and knees touching for the whole flight. Nutcracker ballet.

Comment Re:Three thoughts... (Score 1) 394 394

Because generally the stewards are only seated for takeoff and landing. Planes tilt towards the nose you'd have an uncomfortable flight in a backwards facing set you couldn't just lean back on your seat and sleep for example. You'll be ever so slightly leaning forward ... for the whole flight. Which also means people's annoying kids will sleep even less during long haul flights, fun times had by all.

Comment yeah "space savings" (Score 1) 394 394

It looks like from the picture that the extra compacity comes from having the seats taper Ie the seats next to you "overlap" what would normally be your leg room. This isn't using geometry to save space, well it is but in the weakest sense. It is assuming people will be okay having their legs together for an entire flight. They do realize guys have balls that need some space right?

Comment Re:how does Apple do it? (Score 1) 368 368

I'd have to see the artist's contracts but it is pretty scary if the label has all the power to negotiate something like that. The songwriters, artists etc are supposed to get royalties having the label decide to give away free samples is insane. I want the movie industry to do the same thing: I'll pay them the second time I watch their movie.

Comment Re:how does Apple do it? (Score 1) 368 368

Oh also: one thing once this thing is out in the wild for a while I guess then the number of new subscribers tapers off. But it would suck to be a new artist that just happens to have their album coming out the week that this goes live. All your prime time on the chart gets sucked up by Apple and not paid for. Probably screws your billboard list too since you aren't selling copies.

Comment Re:Who cares about faster speeds? (Score 1) 81 81

I don't. Because our bandwidth caps are so low on our phones netflix dossn't make a lot of sense (also a much smaller selection than in the US, talking maybe 10 new movies a month, most 6mths-years old). So you "acquire" things in different ways.

Comment Re:Why the huge jumps? (Score 1) 81 81

I suspect there is the huge jump because they need to stay on a standard for a few years to get back the cost of the infrastructure. If we got a 2x bump every 18mths or whatever they'd be constantly having to replace all their equipment so they could market themselves as capable of the new hotness that the next iDevice supports. Similarly you have most people on 2-3 year terms for their devices so even if you updated your network every year it would be 1.5yeas or so on average before your users saw the improvement.

I think if they actually delivered 4G ie 1Gbps that would be more than enough fo rmost people. That is after all what pretty much every office network is using. If the internet is as fast as your office's fileserver that is "good enough" IMO. That is about 2X the speed of USB 2 which is itself more than fast enough to push 4k content.

Comment Re:Who cares about faster speeds? (Score 1) 81 81

Exactly and at least at the moment your flash can't write the data anywhere's near that fast (though it will be faster in 5 years to be sure). So you can't consume it, and you can' store it: what good is it? Also, I realize things are different in different countries but very few people where I live stream content on their phones. We have no unlimited data plans and the best you can do is about 5GB a month and ~$10 per GB afterwards. Streaming netflix say for an hour a day: that would cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Instead you use your home internet and save the content to your device. I don't see the need for these extreme speeds on cellular networks other than if they want to start offering in home internet and a price that is competitive with dsl/cable but if they do that they'll have an even harder time justifying the gang rape that is their overages charges for the mobile plans.

Comment Re:And we wonder why music is such crap these days (Score 2) 301 301

How about all the pirates that wouldn't have bought the album in the first place? I think both of you can be right. Pirating increases the total "market" (people experiencing the music) and potentially the total market (people buying the music, or going to your concerts). There is an opportunity cost associated with finding/trying new music. Especially if you are into stuff a bit off mainstream (progressive death metal anyone?) you often have to special order albums. Special ordering an album for $25 and then coming back to the store to pick it up in a week so I can tryout a band my friend said is cool isn't happening. Paying money for bits I download isn't happening either. I've gone to concerts and bought merch from bands I originally discovered because I was referred to them by a friend and then acquired their albums.

If I had to find them online and order it then deal with receiving the package in the mail or whatever ... no thanks. mp3 has become the "have you heard that song on the radio" or modern society: get over it. They have to make money in different ways because media on a disc is indistinguishable from media on a torrent. Also, I don't think because you are good with a guitar you deserve 10M a year but if you are good with a keyboard you get 100k is fair either. Merch/concerts is a better way to go: I think distributes the money to artists in a more balanced way, saves the waste of printing CDs, removes the justification for music label control ("we need 80% of the revenue because we have the production costs to pay for") etc.

Comment Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528 528

I've never had a German pils that was anything better than ok. But I lived in east Germany so if you wanted a pils you got something Czech. At least in Dresden and admittedly a very international crowd I hung out with (worked with 300 people from 150 nations) Weissen was about even with pils for amount drunk. But Schwartz, or even Radler if driving was popular too.

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