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Comment Time Warner throttled me (Score 1) 365 365

I just posted a thread over on reddit about Time Warner throttling my server. A 200mb download file download from them at 100kiB/s even though many TWC clients had 50mbit connections. That same 200mb file could be downloaded at 10mbit (2,000 kiB/s) when a proxy server was used.

Comment Re:It's a network issue, not a PLC problem. (Score 2) 17 17

This is partially true. While the network should be separate, it only takes one computer with a USB cell modem connection to infect the PLC. Hell, it doesn't even need to be a live connection. A contractor with an infected laptop can infect the whole network when he plus in to diagnose the PLC. Bam, the PLC is modified for a future fail.

Submission + - Birdman boots alternate recovery on DroidX!->

rainabba writes: Aside from rooting the DroidX (which was also done by Birdman), getting a custom recovery running is the next most important step in being able to flash custom roms. As of 6am GMT-7, Birdman and accomplished exactly that. It will take another day or 2 to polish the recovery and process to a point where it's viable for the average Android "hacker", but this should lead to Froyo on the DroidX, and who knows what else. It also PROVES that eFuse means little to us and Motorola has failed to prevent the "tampering" of their devices just as every other manufacturer has.

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