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Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 4, Interesting) 125

I didn't look into the details of the project, but to me it seems to like the following:

A JIT compiler is used in a virtual machine to run a function/method by compiling it from some sort of bytecode or intermediate representation to native code and then jumping to the generated code to execute it. So in this case this would be when the Common Language Runtime wants to run a CIL method for the first time: it generates LLVM intermediate representation from the CIL, then uses LLVM to compile that to native code.

So it would be: CIL --> LLVM data --> native code

This means that the CLR, and thus all code compiled for .NET, can run on all platforms that LLVM can generate native code for.

Comment Re:.NET applications on Linux? (Score 4, Informative) 253

The problem is not WinForms, but WPF. An increasing amount of applications use WPF because WinForms is considered 'deprecated' by Microsoft and people are encouraged to use WPF instead, which is the new 'hot stuff'.

Comment Re:If they were balancing the federal budget (Score 1) 825

Big business and the billionaire class has taken the difference and none of that has ended up in the workers hands. We are working longer and harder and our lives are getting worse.

"Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming"

Comment Re:Blast from the past (Score 1) 98

There is a bug in the e-mail. It should be 'We therefore ask you to send this email to all your friends and then delete all your files on your harddisk manually'.

You still need some of those files on your harddisk in order to send an e-mail. Friends with less than average intelligence might not realize that.

Comment Real cross-platform is HARD (Score 4, Informative) 525

To make it cross-platform for real is hard. Lots of programmers don't try to avoid platform-specific and write code such as:

string fullname = directoryname + "\" + filename;

...instead of:

fullname = Path.Combine(directoryname, filename);

Another mistake is using explicitly hardcoded paths that only exist in Windows. And another challenge would be case-sensitivity of the filesystem on Linux; this can break programs that were developed and tested on Windows only.

The framework must provide for platform-independent ways to do things so that it is easier/shorter to do it the right way than using a naive but non-portable approach. Or programmers not really thinking things through will simply keep writing non-portable code anyway. The example above illustrates that; it is way more conventient to combine pathnames with such a non-portable string concatenation than it is with the right approach.

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