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Comment: Re:Blast from the past (Score 1) 98

by HyperQuantum (#48384001) Attached to: US Gov't Issues Alert About iOS "Masque Attack" Threat

There is a bug in the e-mail. It should be 'We therefore ask you to send this email to all your friends and then delete all your files on your harddisk manually'.

You still need some of those files on your harddisk in order to send an e-mail. Friends with less than average intelligence might not realize that.

Comment: Real cross-platform is HARD (Score 4, Informative) 525

To make it cross-platform for real is hard. Lots of programmers don't try to avoid platform-specific and write code such as:

string fullname = directoryname + "\" + filename;

...instead of:

fullname = Path.Combine(directoryname, filename);

Another mistake is using explicitly hardcoded paths that only exist in Windows. And another challenge would be case-sensitivity of the filesystem on Linux; this can break programs that were developed and tested on Windows only.

The framework must provide for platform-independent ways to do things so that it is easier/shorter to do it the right way than using a naive but non-portable approach. Or programmers not really thinking things through will simply keep writing non-portable code anyway. The example above illustrates that; it is way more conventient to combine pathnames with such a non-portable string concatenation than it is with the right approach.

Comment: Re:As has been posted before (Score 2) 158

by HyperQuantum (#48241463) Attached to: The Problem With Positive Thinking

That was exactly my point. The 'negative thinkers/pessimists' worked very hard to solve all Y2K problems, then January 1st, 2000 passed by and all the 'positive thinkers' said "see, there was nothing to worry about" without taking into account all the work that had been done to fix the problems.

Comment: Re:But people forget what MENSA concluded (Score 1) 561

by HyperQuantum (#47328281) Attached to: Match.com, Mensa Create Dating Site For Geniuses

So at the end of the day "success" is a combination of multiple factors and IQ alone is non-determinant. So who cares about IQ anyway?

Who cares about "success"? Happiness is much more important. It's the simple things in life that matter. The best things in life are free. You don't need a high IQ to be happy.

Comment: Re:Screw other people (Score 5, Insightful) 800

Screw other people

And this is what is wrong with the world.

Let's turn the situation around: suppose you and your children are walking on the street. Will you still prefer the autonomous car to protect it's single driver at all costs and kill you and your children instead? And then imagine how many autonomous cars will be on the road in the future, all with that same logic built-in...

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