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Comment: Re:incomplete metrics (Score 4, Interesting) 142

by HolyCoitus (#32608750) Attached to: Ranking Soccer Players By Following the Bouncing Ball
Defense is much harder than that. If I shut someone down and take their angles and force them to pass the ball backwards, I get 0 points. If I go for a tackle from a terrible angle and get blown by, I get the same. Even if you take away points, it's not able to count marking someone or positional play shutting things down. It just rewards defenders who are hard tacklers or good at poking a ball free.

Comment: Re:Still however useless (Score 1) 91

by HolyCoitus (#31503604) Attached to: Waledac Botnet Now Completely Offline, Experts Say
NAT and SPI will serve the same purpose in this instance. However, NAT is not required for SPI and is not interesting in a firewall discussion IMO.

NAT merely creates a situation where the packets run into a dead end if not explicitly told to go someplace. SPI is the opposite, where a dead end is created explicitly for a packet that would normally be forwarded.

NAT in all but niche cases serves no purpose with IPV6. A firewall set to filter all inbound packets would serve the same purpose as NAT does today without an added layer of complication.

Comment: Re:Unified standards (Score 1) 948

by HolyCoitus (#28154571) Attached to: Harsh Words From Google On Linux Development Because Windows only has one installer. because Windows has only one binary. because different versions of Windows all work the same way.

These are all chosen for you by whoever makes the software. Or you can compile it yourself on Windows.

Look, if you go with a distribution that is modern, you'll have none of those issues unless you go out of your way to the point that you'd have the same problems on Windows. Ubuntu is going to have you use one package manager that will make you not even have to think about binary formats or package formats.

Where exactly are you seeing software that isn't niche that requires any extra work on Linux? I've had to shoe horn software badly made at work into working on Linux. Through Wine and various other methods since I prefer a Linux Desktop. I found it easier than the headache that most people there go through with Windows. Am I just crazy? I consider what I had to do out of my way and annoying as a Linux desktop goes.


+ - Duke Fellow on GPLv3 and the SoftwarePatent Menace->

Submitted by
andy_from_nc writes: "Recently the Triange Linux Users' Group (which meets at the Raleigh, NC Red Hat HQ on NCSU campus) hosted Sapna Kuma speaking on GPLv3 and more particularly about the Microsoft Patent menace. The videos are now up on iBiblio in both MP4 and OGM (OGG for video). I've also posted links to torrents and will update with mirrors on here.

The talk raised some important issues and raises a call to action for the entire "FLOSS" community on battling the Microsoft menace of patents. The video is okay (the other camera failed) and the audio is decent with captions of the key questions."

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