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Comment: agility is more important than control (Score 1) 548

Fresh out of college I was confident that things like GUIs are optional and code generation was a fad, and that the latest versions of frameworks weren't worth using until they'd been released for at least a year (I probably read too much /.). After some time I found that laboriously written code that would later be rendered broken or inferior when technology advanced, and new tools could automate what my code did, but often quicker, better, or in a more maintainable way. People around me were frequently mentioning new tools, but I was too hard-headed to listen. I could have saved myself tons of work on code that later became a burden to the organization. Don't be afraid to experiment with tools and techniques that will save you time, you don't need to have control of everything.

Comment: Re:Just like C then? (Score 1) 371

by dwpro (#47631043) Attached to: Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time
personally, I _love_ some of the innovations in the languages and platforms I've seen in my programming career that serve to reduce boilerplate/bloat and insert, standardize, and support useful libraries into the core language. Java will assuredly lose market share if Oracle doesn't provide good stewardship over the language and do all it can to augment the tooling, or competitors that provide a better programming experience will supplant them.

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by dwpro (#47514479) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

I found nothing definitive, but here's what I gather (using US as baseline since we're talking American football):

weight: 163 lbs
Bench Press (untrained): 80 lbs
Bench Press (novice): 90 lbs
weight: 163 lbs
Bench Press (untrained): 135 lbs
Bench Press (novice): 175 lbs
weight: 245 lbs
Bench Press: 370 lbs

My results are inconclusive but my best guess is that linebackers are modestly larger and stronger ((26% & 111%) proportionally to average men, versus men to women (18% & 94%).


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by dwpro (#47382783) Attached to: How Did Those STAP Stem Cell Papers Get Accepted In the First Place?

I don't think I've ever heard of a reviewer actually attempting to replicate research themselves as part of the peer-review process.

My wife actually had a reviewer go out into the bush and collect data to counter one of her assumptions, despite numerous publications making the same assumption. Some people just can't help themselves.

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I do, but I learned to code on ultrasparcs in the computer lab, so vim was about all that would run. I probably never gave emacs a fair shake in later days, but I never saw a compelling reason to switch and enjoy the benefits of vim (I'm a minimalist at heart). I almost always have an instance of gvim running for quick data manipulation beside visual studios in my daily grind, in addition to the vsvim plugin for visual studios. Age 33.

Comment: get a few things right (Score 1) 427

by dwpro (#47331363) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?

doing just a few things well might be enough:
-good timepiece. Obvious clock, but also timer.
-good flashlight.
-dead simple integration with select phone apps. Less is more as long as quality is high.
-be rugged, I don't want to have to baby a thing I wear all the time.
-look attractive, I'd say mimic non-smart watch look as much as possible.
-not require me to do a lot to charge the thing or haul around another charger. I would love to see something like kinetic charging.
-do something novel. Synth display with ambient sound in a club? NFC ring? Just a few ideas done right might put it over the top.

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by dwpro (#47260997) Attached to: How To Make Espresso In Space

Personally, I find the label "snob" largely applied to anyone with a modicum of discriminating taste. It doesn't take a chemist to see the difference between folgers brewed in boiling water with a paper filter and a decent cup of coffee. Hell, the coffee oil itself is visible on the surface if you don't filter it out. But what do I know, I'm a snob.

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by dwpro (#47252919) Attached to: Congressman Asks NSA To Provide Metadata For "Lost" IRS Emails

Just to clarify the 100% comment:

The letter from the Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration revealed that there just weren't many progressive groups who even sought special tax exempt status. A total of 20 sought it, and six were probed. All 292 Tea Party groups, meanwhile, were part of the IRS witchhunt.

Still a scandal, but nowhere near as important as the NSA. Getting tax exempt status to do political bribery is small potatoes compared to the flagrantly unconstitutional NSA spying, in my mind.

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by dwpro (#47170655) Attached to: EFF Tells Court That the NSA Knowingly and Illegally Destroyed Evidence

I am a gun owner and supporter of the 2nd amendment, but I believe it's a fair reading of the 2nd amendment that the "well regulated militia" can be interpreted to not include folks who can be judged incompetent to own a weapon, though there should be due process on this decision. Even if such a provision did not exist, I would imagine other provisions would justify limited gun regulation. if the govt can take away your children for incompetence, surely they can take away your weapons. I agree with you on the modern weaponry question, however.

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We've allowed corporations to take over the process, and so our security guards are better described as legislators-for-hire. The blame belongs to citizens (us) for allowing the system to get subverted in this way and not voting out the crooks. We can still fix it, but the perverse incentives that exist will not right themselves.

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