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Submission + - DNA Patents going to the Supreme Court (

HexaByte writes: The U.S. Supreme Court is getting a case on whether or not patents are valid for human DNA sequences. At issue is whether a company's patent on a human gene that's associated with breast cancer is valid. The company discovered the gene, patented it and is the only legal source of testing for it, because of the patent. Since the gene occurs naturally, (even though only thru mutation) should it be patenetable?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Funny and informative article on Mac vs PC users (

HexaByte writes: The differences between Mac and PC users exposed!

A humorous look at the reasons behind the survey findings of Mac and Windows users.


Windows users are 20 per cent more interested in stories about religion than Mac users. Thoof thinks that this could be something to do with the occasional brush with a "blue screen of death" which gives Windows users a greater sense of their own mortality.

Windows users are 39 per cent more likely to read a story about personal savings than their Mac using friends. This is probably because Mac users have spent all their savings on the quarterly update of their Ipod, Imac or OSX.

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