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Comment That may well be what happens (Score 1) 184 184

Which is why this is pretty stupid. H.264 is "good enough" for most things. Particularly as bandwidth continues to grow. A more efficient encoding scheme would be nice, but it isn't necessary. We can already do 1080p60 video over most net connections with reasonable quality.

So H.265 will have to be appealing not only in terms of bandwidth saved, but in terms of cost. Companies won't move to use it if they have to pay a bunch extra for the privilege. They'll just keep using H.264 and more bandwidth.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 3, Interesting) 467 467

I started buying 5.11 tactical pants made out of lightweight, stretchy nylon with a Teflon finish. They look like business casual pants but move like pajamas, and anything you spill on them rolls or wipes off. I don't think I've worn any other kinds of pants to work since I bought my first pair.

Comment Sadly she won't (Score 4, Informative) 551 551

Because it is good advice for actual progress. Wu isn't a feminist, she's a professional victim. I mean that literally: She makes her money by whining about being victimized and guilting people in to donating to her pateron to fund her life. She's a developer in only the most basic sense. She has one product ever, a mobile game that is very poor quality. She has no track record for actually working to advance women's rights or gender equality. Her profession is literally being a victim.

So she has no interest in advice from actual successful women developers because she's not. Her issue isn't having lots of skill but being kept down because of gender, it is having minimal skills and then playing pretend about the source of her problems.

That's why she agreed to the Ask Slashdot. She wanted the "mean" questions she refused to answer because she can point to those as examples of "harassment" to further her cause. She's not stupid, she knew what she was doing.

However while she won't take your advice, hopefully other women will, because it is excellent.

Comment Re:Developers will not come (Score 1) 118 118

Ehh, I don't know about that. I think in terms of the interface, performance, and stability Windows Phone is the best smartphone OS around. I couldn't stick with it because of the lack of apps.

Similarly, Linux was never successful on the desktop for precisely the same reason; not enough commercial software, particularly games.

Comment Re:$805M budget (Score 1) 229 229

Because the military budget is particularly notorious for hugely expensive, discrete items, based purely on porkbarrel projects and pseudo-macho posturing by Congressmembers even when the military leadership tells them the spending is unnecessary.

"Where would you like to cut the US military budget? Maybe cut their medical care? That's a popular one."

Popular? Among who? Who exactly has argued that military medical care should be cut?

"Or maybe you'd like them to not have the latest high tech stuff so when we go to war more of our people die"

Maybe we stop letting chicken hawk congressmen decide what's necessary, and let the career military leaders do that?

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