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Comment: Re:Math author dies rich... (Score 1) 170

by DNS-and-BIND (#48642635) Attached to: Calculus Textbook Author James Stewart Has Died

"It's too bad the Soviet Union didn't survive" is an odd phrase indeed. Is this the first time it has ever been used?

The Soviet Union couldn't have gotten on the internet, there would have been too much free information floating around. To heck with the internet - the Soviets couldn't even sell Xerox machines to the general public, they would have been used by the people for anti-Communist activities. But don't trust me, listen to one of the Soviet leaders (and, by extension, one of the smartest people in their entire empire).

In a remarkable tete-a-tete with a US journalist and former arms control official, Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov, First Deputy Defense Minister and Chief of the General Staff, interpreted the real meaning of SDI:
"We cannot equal the quality of U.S. arms for a generation or two. Modern military power is based on technology, and technology is based on computers. In the US, small children play with computers... Here, we don't even have computers in every office of the Defense Ministry. And for reasons you know well, we cannot make computers widely available in our society. We will never be able to catch up with you in modern arms until we have an economic revolution. And the question is whether we can have an economic revolution without a political revolution."

What were those reasons that everyone knew well? Ever heard of samizdat? No, eh?

Comment: Re:You're drunk, America. Go home and sleep it off (Score 0) 137

by DNS-and-BIND (#48611469) Attached to: Microsoft Gets Industry Support Against US Search Of Data In Ireland
Can't you ever see anything positive about the Obama administration? You're just dead-set on opposing them, no matter what they do. Your racism is showing. Go home and sleep it off, and do a better job of disguising it next time, because everyone in the world just saw through you. +5 Insightful my ass, more like +5 Racist.

Comment: Re:One other 'philosophical' problem (Score 0) 1051

by DNS-and-BIND (#48585669) Attached to: Time To Remove 'Philosophical' Exemption From Vaccine Requirements?
You right-wing Islamophobic assholes will never stop, will you? You're just going to continue with the hate. Any possible reason you can cling to to hate the people with whom you disagree, you're going to take it. You fuckwits make me sick. You need to be eradicated from our scientific society. We have no place for bigots like you.

Comment: Re:There is no more "good guy" (Score 1) 43

by DNS-and-BIND (#48585449) Attached to: New Compilation of Banned Chinese Search-Terms Reveals Curiosities

Well, there is the fact that the Chinese commies murdered 60,000,000 people in pursuit of their utopia. And dammit, didn't achieve it. I mean, if they HAD achieved socialism, it would have been worth it. 60,000,000 human beings dead, but the end-state would have justified the means. The best part would have been that they PROVED that it could work, and provided the rest of the world a template to get there. Of course, the road would have been paved with murdered humans, but that kind of thing gets glossed over when we're talking about the final victory of socialism.

Of course, this completely ignores the 100,000,000 people that the US government has murdered since 9/11, but hey. We can't all be perfect.

Comment: Re:Ond once again we learn they have been lying... (Score 2) 29

In this "other America", they read loud and clear that the serious film and theater fucking hate them. No, really...ask any theater or film person what they think of the average American. Nothing but pure hatred. Then, ask what the average Muslim Arab thinks of the Jews, and compare and contrast those viewpoints.

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