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Comment: YES, but it's not the devices, it's the cloud. (Score 1) 241 241

Anyone with a credit card can buy IT services, throw a bunch of corporate data into them, and no one knows they did it. When that person leaves, and the boss suddenly wants that data, or legal needs it for eDiscovery, or IA needs data for the quarterly report only to discover all the data is in an non-SOX approved app with un-approved, undocumented access to a random collection of employees who all had read/write access...GAH! Need the revenue report for Q3? Okay, here, go to

Comment: Re:What about Lightworks? (Score 3, Insightful) 163 163

Not open source yet, but it should be pretty soon. The plan was to release the code when the Mac client was complete. The Mac client is in beta (and pretty solid), so if they stick to the plan, should be "real soon now". Lightworks is my favorite, by the way. Extremely powerful, albeit with some quirks. Familiarity with ffmpeg is very helpful as the conversions are the toughest part. I image someone will integrate an ffmepg front-end once the source is released.

Comment: Re:https is useless (Score 4, Interesting) 166 166

Correct. What make anyone think: NSA agents aren't working at Google, Microsoft, Verisign, etc. Anyone checks who actually signed the certs. Almost all devices trust a few DoD root certs by default. Going to slashdot is safe? No SSL here. Do any of these GIFs, JPGs or PNGs contain exploits? If they want you, they can't get you?

Comment: Okay, let's restate it... (Score 1) 115 115

"The people who PAY FOR GAMES, want FREEMIUM." Just because you state a bunch of interesting statistics about what constitutes who puts money down for games, doesn't mean the end result isn't meaningful. As a business, what do you care what your non-paying customers want? They are not customers. You're asking for money, the people with the money are telling you how they recoup their money and you earn money yourself. Perhaps you should listen.

In these matters the only certainty is that there is nothing certain. -- Pliny the Elder