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Comment Re:In all honesty... (Score 1) 109

I don't really care about systemd as long as it works and is fast, but Unity is definitely a failure. It's been 5 years now and I'm still not used to it, and find it a terrible UI compared to Gnome 2.

Not better for Tablets, not better for TVs, and for sure not better for desktop.

The only good thing I like is the windows shortcut to launch an application with the keyboard, but that would be easy to do on Gnome 2 also.

Unfortunately, Gnome 3 was not better, and the Gnome project abandoned Gnome 2, so the remaining support on Gnome2 is too small now to make it work with latest software.

That really sucks.

Comment Re:Intel's biggest competitor: Intel (Score 1) 337

Not quite true. ARM is by far the biggest threat for Intel, which is why they want to go slower and be more energy efficient.

I think their message is bad, they should advertise their improvement in energy efficiency over ARM, but at least pretend they're as fast as before (or even faster in some areas).

Comment Re:Squeaky wheel. Oil it. (Score 1) 243

H1-B here. And I agree so much with you. It's a shame that legitimate foreign qualified workers now have to play the lottery to get to the US because some companies are abusing the system. An H1-B reform is needed for the US, but also for foreign workers who would like to come to the US and cannot get an H1-B because of the flooding companies.

Extending the H1-B quota is just a temporary workaround that won't help. The government should look for abusing companies and sue them. That's not so hard : look at the salaries, look at the number of applications (per-company), and it's pretty clear who is abusing the system. Prioritizing high salaries would certainly be unfair since the silicon valley would get all H1-Bs, but there is something to do about that.

Comment Re:X11 compose key (Score 1) 315

Agreed. I've been typing french with a qwerty keyboard for 15 years and it is actually better to type french than an azerty keyboard when you use the Compose key.

It's actually way more regular : on an azerty keyboard, typing an é is one stroke, but typing an ê is 3 (and a completely different logic).

Compose, on the other hand, is like magic, and getting an € is as simple as merging an E with a = (completely logical !). Plus you can write german ß, or other european characters such as ø, ñ, ... with a simple and intuitive method.

Too bad not many people know about this, and that windows "international qwerty" mode is not using a Compose key either.

Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 1) 547

The article completely fails to list France and UK as growing countries ... it is really a lame article.

But your comment is just ... completely stupid. You cannot separate muslims from frenchs, germans, as two distinct categories. Most french-born muslim only speak french, have a french culture, potentially mixed with north-african culture (or not). EU is not the US. Even if integration is not perfect, it is still very different from the US where people never mix. Global culture has always evolved depending on the migration flows, but the idea that the french culture could be completely replaced by a "muslim" culture is just extreme-right bullshit to feed the "fear of the fanatic bearded muslim terrorist".

Comment Re:Terrorists Won't Care (Score 1) 246

Agreed. A long time ago (15 years ?), encryption in France was limited to a certain number of bits. This was a real annoyance for any government / educational / company because they had to use specially-weak software (remember ssj instead of ssh ?) while everyone else did not care.

That was the stupidest thing to do.

Comment Re:Don't speak for 'all of europe' (Score 4, Interesting) 460

Same in France. Stupidly restrictive taxi regulation lead to a nonsense : taxi drivers are so powerful that they don't care about customers, there's not enough taxis (you can wait for an hour to get one), and the service is just poor and expensive. As a side effect, taxi license reselling has become an investment for newcomers and a life insurance for old drivers, which makes it impossible to get out of the system without getting all drivers mad (and in a bad situation).

But the fault is on the taxi lobby for pushed their monopoly too far. Some would say it is understandable, because it means better situation for them, so why not do it ?

My answer : because some day, it may backfire at you, and you'll deserve it.

If people are upset and someone tries to change the balance, you'll get no support from the population. I don't know how people feel in Germany, but in France, most people who use taxis frequently are quite happy with Uber trying to shake the coconut tree (as we say).

Comment Re:Hair Restoration and "Snake Oil" Patents (Score 1) 344

Indeed. The conclusion is particularly true : we should neither accept not dismiss the results (unless we prove them wrong). And that's the hardest thing : saying "I don't know" is just so hard. In all fields people ask others to make their choice. Saying "I don't know" is seen as a weak response although it should be the only sane thing to say about science, except for a few specialist in the domain who studied the matter in depth (hence not immediately after).

Comment Re:Actions of a few.. (Score 1) 89

Yeah, because you always know the right solution to any problem you encounter, right ?

Being wrong is absolutely ok if you are able to listen to what others say and change your opinion (that's called learning and this is good !). This is the only sane way to go. But politicians can hardly do this because the press (and the whole society) would only talk about how wrong their previous declaration was.

Comment Re:inefficient (Score 1) 393

Inefficient for a computer, but very efficient for a person, who has significant dedicated hardware for language processing.


That's why using combinations of words makes a good password for a human to remember, but hard for a computer program to crack.

True and wrong. In this 3word case, those 3 words are completely unrelated (random). Which makes them not so easy to remember, especially because you need a relatively vast dictionary to map the entire earth. For passwords, people will always keep a password where words kind of work together (if you enforce 4 words, then "this is my password" will definitely be the #1). It's hard for computers to know which combinations make more sense than others, but recent advances in machine learning could change that (and also show that stupid password policies currently in use are completely missing the point : length or special characters don't help, the only thing that makes a good password is randomness/unicity to the human mind).

Back to the map, maybe it would be good to improve the word distribution so that combinations making more sense are located in dense areas (and not in the middle of the sea). Or just create a colored map where you can see combinations which make more sense so that you can easily pick one if your place has more than one.

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