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Comment: Will run out of electrons ? (Score 1) 250

by GuB-42 (#49822513) Attached to: Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene

What I understand is that the lasered piece of graphene shoots out electrons, creating a thrust. But what happens when there are no more electrons ?
Moreover, stripping off all these electrons will ionize the material, which would either cause nuclei to detach as well (like with a plasma thruster) or the resulting positive charge will eventually end up pulling back all the ejected electrons, negating the thrust.

Comment: Re:Let me put my skepticism hat on... (Score 2) 146

by GuB-42 (#49820763) Attached to: Cool Tool: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator

First the costs for long term securing spent fuel are grossly underestimated. After all, can we really estimate the cost of securing spent fuel for over 100'000 years? It's a bit of a philosophical question, but point is - it can't really be estimated.

Long term storage is not that big of a problem. It's only a matter of converting all that waste into rock (aka vitrification) and dumping it into a hole drilled into rock. As long as there are no waterways, rocks can stay stable for thousands or even millions of years. There are fossils to prove it.
Direct exposure from these sites would be negligible compared to natural background radiation. Water contamination would be more problematic (not catastrophic though), that's why it is important to chose the site wisely and have a few layers of safety (such as corrosion-proof containers).

Comment: Re:How to block Google analytics (Score 1) 206

Blocking google-analytics.com doesn't work ?
Anyways, If you want to block all ads with ABP, just uncheck the very obvious checkbox in the settings, or use an alternative blocker like uBlock.
If you are paranoid about the blocker sending data to their company, know that ABP is an opensource project, so is uBlock, you are free to analyse the code and build it yourself. But considering the controversy about ABP, I guess serveral people alredy did this.

Comment: Re:Firefox on Android + uBlock is great (Score 1) 111

by GuB-42 (#49744553) Attached to: Adblock Plus Launches Adblock Browser: a Fork of Firefox For Android

What's the default on Android? That was an utterly useless piece of crap. I assumed it was Chrome since it's Google...

On modern Android, yes that's Chrome mobile. But before that it was just "android browser", Samsung also has its own browser so not all android phones use the same browser.
Most of them are based on WebKit though.

Comment: Re:Schizo (Score 2) 328

by GuB-42 (#49727423) Attached to: Battle To Regulate Ridesharing Moves Through States

The difference : try to find an Uber driver who accepts to drive 200 miles for $10.
Uber is not at all like ridesharing. With ridesharing, several people who go to the same place share the same car. It is good as it decrease traffic congestion, pollution, etc... With Uber, it is the same as when you are driving by yourself regarding pollution and congestion, the difference is that you are not the driver, i.e. it is a taxi service.
Price is telling too. With ridesharing service, the driver usually get barely enough to cover the car running costs but it is fine : driver get to drive basically for nearly free and passengers get a cheap ride. With Uber passengers pay for the driver's time, like a taxi.
And now, why regulate Uber drivers more than ridesharing drivers ? A reason I can think of is that because of the finencial insensitive, Uber drivers will spend more time than normal on the road, increasing the risks. Rideshaing drivers would be better off not driving at all, they simply take passengers to lower the burden for the trips they would have done anyways.

If you want to compare with sex, I'm not against paid sex. However it is normal to have laws targeting prostitution because of the increased risks (STD, ...), either by regulating it or banning it altoghether. (putting aside questions about morality and crimmnality).

Comment: Re:Can somone (Score 1) 35

by GuB-42 (#49708495) Attached to: Report: Google To Add 'Buy' Buttons To Mobile Search Results

Write a firefox/chrome/greasemonkey script to remove these buttons asap.

The last thing I need on a tiny screen with an almost useless browser is a link to buy things.


Any adblocker worth its salt removes sponsored links altogether.
Unfortunately Chrome mobile doesn't support extensions so your best bet is probably Firefox mobile + uBlock.
As for the Google search app (the most likely target), you probably can't do much about it besides, maybe, an xposed module (note : xposed framework requires a supported rooted device).

Comment: A job where you have to improvise (Score 1) 420

by GuB-42 (#49655291) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Moving To an Offshore-Proof Career?

For some reason offshore workers are efficient only when you tell them exactly what to do. If there is only a small part left to interpretation they will do it wrong. Jobs where you are given only vague ideas and you have to fill the gaps yourself should be safer.
I'm not saying that foreigners are worse than locals but those who aren't will not be the ones you'll get when you look for cheap labor.

Comment: Re:Let's just humour them (Score 2) 235

by GuB-42 (#49654893) Attached to: Shape of the Universe Determined To Be Really, Really Flat

Let's not think about the very moment the observable universe came to life. t=0 is a mathematical singularity and it messes things up.
Instead we should go back in time and get closer and closer to t=0. If we consider the observable universe as a bubble inside the real, infinite universe, as we go back in time the bubble shrinks, like the rest of the universe. But shrinking something infinite doesn't make it less infinite, so in the end the observable universe will become smaller and smaller while the real universe will stay infinite. As we approach t=0, the observable universe will start to resemble a single point, but this point is still the entire observable universe, not a point inside it.

Comment: Re:Let's just humour them (Score 1) 235

by GuB-42 (#49652829) Attached to: Shape of the Universe Determined To Be Really, Really Flat

You are talking about the observable universe. The actual universe is either infinite or looping, by definition. As for the origin of the big bang, it is only a single point in the observable universe. In the actual universe, the big bang happened everywhere.
When scientists talk about the universe, they usually mean the observable universe because as you said, there is no way to know what's beyond it.

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