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Comment Re:The consortium needs to finish human languages (Score 1) 243

He can, in fact, write his name.
The debate is on more complex matters like : is it a different character or a combination, should we create codepoints or let the renderer use rules do display the text correctly, etc... Even native speakers don't seem to agree ( https://news.ycombinator.com/i... ).

Things like Emoji or Klingon, while arguably futile, don't have such problems. You can debate on whether or no they should be included but the "how" is very straightforward.

Comment Re:Is quantum mechanics a theory? (Score 1) 207

What eludes us is the interpretation. Or in other words, we didn't find a way to fit this theory in our limited human minds. But the theory works, and it explains things, with maths.
The interpretation is important, but only because it makes working with the theory more intuitive and therefore allow us to progress faster. However, the true essence of any theory in modern physics lie in its mathematical description and how well it matches reality.

Comment No proof (Score 1) 367

It is possible to register someone else to Ashley Madison, there is no verification. Being listed on the database proves nothing.
But presumption of innocence doesn't exist in love. And these leaks may mess up many couples that didn't ask anything. Probably more than actual cheaters : many of them will get caught eventually, and some couples are fine with it

Comment Re:Same with a Note 4? (Score 1) 157

First thing I tried too, but I was a bit less gentle than you ;)
I jammed it backwards hard enough so that I had to use my pocket knife to take it out but there is no damage, no weird behavior and no loosening. The only problem when you force it down all the way is that it is a bit difficult to get enough of a grip to pull it out. And I tried it several times in both orientations.

And in case you are interested : when inserted backward, the S-Pen is considered "out". The sensor is contactless and triggers when the base of the S-Pen lines up with the entrance hole, whatever the orientation.

Comment Re:Moronic (Score 1) 157

The pen never fell out of my Note2, Note4, DSLite and 3DS-XL despite all these devices being simple slot based with no eject mechanism.
Eject mechanisms are actually worse for mobile devices : they are too easy to trigger unwillingly and once the stylus is out, it doesn't naturally come back in, making it easier to lose it or break it.

Comment Re:Have you ever been to a grocery store? (Score 1) 254

Supermarkets are full of these kinds of tricks :
- candies right by the cash register, ready for you to pick up when you are waiting in line
- goods you will most likely buy arranged in a way to make you "tour" the shop
- a small selection of high margin related items conviniently sprinkled everywhere. For example, you will find small packs of the most expensive brand of batteries next to toys
- "on sale" items placed in a way that obstruct passage : make seem like there is a crowd around these

Basically, nothing is left to chance.

Comment "Free" did this in France (Score 4, Informative) 112

Free, a french ISP known to be highly disruptive to its competitors did this with its routers.
The hotspot is completely separated from the home network (different IP), on a lower priority, so it won't affect you. This hotspot is only available to Free customers that didn't chose to opt out. For me, that's fair.
Note that due to the way traffic is prioritized, the public hotspot becomes slow to the point of being unusable if the subscriber uses his connection intensively.

Comment Re:commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 319

The thing is : the 1% want the best. To take the musician example, they will take the most talented and provide them with the best instruments.
Of course these musicians and instruments are rare and sought after and therefore expensive. But that's fine for the 1% : they have money, the point is to use it, right.
As a result, these musicians and people making these instruments will end up quite wealthy, they will become our 5%. Note that artists and luthiers may not be the ones who pocket all these benefits, but the idea is that all this money is going somewhere.
But these 5% will want entertainment too, so they will hire second class artists and musicians. Themselves will pay for more modest entertainers. It will form a pyramid, like always, except it will be driven more by pleasure than necessities.

And it doesn't stop at artists and musicians. They are also ready to pay huge amounts of money for their health and maybe a few crazy thing like space tourism. All these give work to researchers and the high-tech industry.

Comment Re:If they're going to invade our privacy (Score 1) 211

The thief was caught. So they actually did something.
In fact, the news broke after the police caught the thief and was asked how they did it. In other words, you can argue that it was a violation of privacy but you can't argue that it was ineffective.

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