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Comment: Re:They should be doing the opposite (Score 1, Interesting) 298

Remember that copyright also include include free software.
And 5 year or less copyright would be a huge blow to the FOSS community as it would make all 5 year old GPL software including linux into the public domain.
As a result we'll see plenty of software based on outdated GPL software just so that it can be made proprietary. Hardly a good thing.

Comment: Re:Hey you grumpy cynics... (Score 1) 355

by GuB-42 (#49520717) Attached to: 'Mobilegeddon': Google To Punish Mobile-Hostile Sites Starting Today

Note to self: don't use Google on mobile devices, change their default search engine to DuckDuckGo.

I search Google for sites with the best content relevant to what I am looking for, I don't give a flying f**k whether the site have a "mobile friendly" version or not. I can read any webpage on my phone just fine, I can zoom in/out when needed.

I would agree with you if it was just about zooming.
However, some sites are close to unusable on mobile. The worst offender is the popup (often an ad but not always) that you can close because the button is outside the screen. But there are also sites relying on mouseovers, text squeezed in a column so small that there is no more than one word per line, or sites that completely mess up the layout when you try to zoom. Good content is useless when you can't read it, and I don't want these sites to appear in my top search results unless there are no alternatives.

And BTW, Google doesn't recommend "mobile friendly" versions of sites although they consider it acceptable. They recommend making sites that work whatever your device is. Web designers call this "responsive design", I call this "not broken". Here is a motherfucking good example.

Comment: There are two way to get fake likes (Score 1) 74

by GuB-42 (#49513187) Attached to: Facebook Working To Weed Out Fake Likes

How to get fake likes :
- Pay a bunch of people in China or India to click on the "like" button.
- Pay Facebook to encourage a bunch of people in China or India to click on the "like" button.

Facebook wants to penalize people who use the first option. Fake likes are OK as long as Facebook get their share.

Comment: Re:frac (Score 1) 157

by GuB-42 (#49512899) Attached to: Mandelbrot Zooms Now Surpass the Scale of the Observable Universe

There is no 3d Mandelbrot set.
What you have are :
- 4d set using quaternions that is projected to 3d
- Mandelbulb-like fractals

Mandelbulb is an extrapolation of the Mandelbrot formula that is tuned to produce pretty pictures, same with other fractals like Mandelbox.
The quaternion-based set is mathematically closer to the original definition but the pictures it generates are less interesting.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 1) 385

by GuB-42 (#49511105) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?

I don't think that having a "cool" special ability means more happiness.
Exceptional athletes are typically never satisfied, and exceptional musician seem to have more psychological problems then the average population (suicide, drug addiction, ...).
Additionally, I've never felt that being good at something was a liability. Only the lack of social skills is.

Comment: Re:This should be amusing (Score 1) 48

by GuB-42 (#49509423) Attached to: Google Ready To Unleash Thousands of Balloons In Project Loon

Google Press Release - "We weren't expecting wind" - some time in the next few days ...

Joking aside, wind is of course a key component in project loon. They chose to set the balloons in the stratosphere where winds are relatively slow and predictable. They use altitude control and the knowledge of wind streams to steer.

Comment: Re:there's a strange bias on slashdot (Score 1) 192

by GuB-42 (#49494501) Attached to: Microsoft's Role As Accuser In the Antitrust Suit Against Google

So, where can I download my own, Open Source, copy of Google's search algorithms and databases? Or of their other moneymakers? G-Mail? Google Apps? Google only opensources stuff they don't really need.

Google uses open source software the way is should be used by companies.
The point of open source is not charity. For FOSS to work, it needs commercial players, and you won't make money just by giving away stuff. Open sourcing must be profitable somehow.
So obviously, you won't open source your moneymakers in a way that can help your competitors. Opensourcing Chrome, Android or a few libraries, however, makes a lot of sense. These products only serve to support their moneymakers, Google doesn't intend to profit on them directly. As a result, they lose very little by opensourcing and they gain reputation and potential help from other developers. It's a win-win situation.

Comment: Re:Will probably be used for VR applications. (Score 3, Insightful) 152

by GuB-42 (#49468741) Attached to: Sharp Announces 4K Smartphone Display

Physiology will limit oculus rift and all others. Sure they'll get a grab early on but main stream response to the impact of using one over any extended period will hugely limit acceptance, especially as yet another device. With phones, lighter weight, longer life batteries, durability and more voice features are going to be the new goals. Marketing at exclusivity will inevitably fail, as common sense always eventually prevails over fads.

Common sense prevails over fads, really ?
With phones, we pretty much passed the "common sense" barrier. The smartphone is now becoming more and more of a fashion accessory, driven mostly by aesthetics. Just look at the new Galaxy S6 : less durable, worse battery life, but better looking than the previous model.
At least, with VR, there is potential for more than just slight incremental improvements.

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