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Comment Re:Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence (Score 1) 143

I don't think that the divorce rate is a good indicator for worsening relationships. I think it is more of a consequence of improvement in the standards of living and women empowerment.
Before that, couples stayed together because they had to. To oversimplify, women needed men to make a living and men needed women to take care of the housework and kids. Now, both men an women can make a living by themselves, housework is less time consuming and there are more options for single parents to take care of kids. So when things go wrong, couples simply break up instead of continuing a bad relationship.
Kid rebellion has always been, that's a normal part of getting to adulthood. But at least now, we avoid hitting them in response.

Things are changing, that's for sure but I think that on average interpersonal relationships have improved too.

Comment Re:What else is there left to do on smartphones? (Score 1) 183

I would like to see more tactile feedback. And I am not talking about the iPhone version of the "taptic engine" which is just an oversized vibration motor.
By tactile feedback I mean actually feeling objects on the screen, like the keys on a virtual keyboard. I want to be able to do basic actions by touch only, without looking at the screen, like with physical buttons.

Comment Re:Real bad news (Score 1) 183

For real audiophiles, it may not be a bad thing. iPhone audio jacks are less than ideal for driving high-end headphones. The reason is that on smartphones, audio jack outputs have plenty of compromises to make : they must be light, cheap, have an impedance that works for both headphones and line output and avoid using too much power.
A digital connection to a proper headphone amp would be probably be better if you really want high quality.

I agree that if you just want convenience and decent quality, it sucks. In fact it sucks in most cases but for the top end may be ok.

Comment Re:What scares me here (Score 1) 36

That's outdated confidential data, these tend to disappear easily. It wasn't different in the old days. The thousand year books are either exceptional or widely published. This is BTW one the reasons the patent system was created.
Books still exist. And we even make paper specially designed to last a very, very long time.

Comment Re:Some people don't understand the word "former" (Score 1) 290

You are right, I don't know how it works, but neither do you, otherwise you wouldn't be posting comments on Slashdot.
That the CIA would want to smear Snowden totally makes sense, it's a deduction anyone can make. However, for a serious newspaper, I expect an article backed by facts, like actual communication from the CIA, not ramblings by people who once worked for the CIA. I don't disagree with the idea behind the article, I just say that from a journalistic standpoint, it is of poor quality.

Comment Social aspect (Score 1) 232

An important aspect of the big screen TV is the social aspect.
Watching a movie or sports together, playing a multiplayer single-screen game like Smash Bros, this is better done with a big screen in the middle of the living room.

Comment Re: He gets stuff done, making others look bad (Score 1) 103

Being profit driven is not a bad thing. Making profit is the duty of any private company, because a company that is not profitable will eventually bankrupt and this is good for no one.
This is especially essential for companies with good engineers, because these are the ones that should stay alive.

What you are talking about is optimizing for short-term profits. This is bad, and in fact, it is not even seeking profit, it is sucking the company dry, leaving just an empty shell behind. And that's important that good companies have healthy finances to avoid being taken over by these vampires.

Comment Re:He gets stuff done, making others look bad (Score 2) 103

At this stage, NASA should just funnel money to SpaceX as fast as they can.

This would turn SpaceX into a NASA clone.
People at SpaceX aren't fundamentally smarter than those from NASA. Their advantage is that, as a private company, they are profit-driven, which prompts for cheaper and more reliable design. Good for routine missions. NASA is more about research and development, that's two different approaches.
Flooding SpaceX with money and asking them to do the same job as NASA is a recipe for disaster IMHO as it will go opposite to where SpaceX is good.

Comment Shopping events are a thing of the past (Score 1) 137

Big shopping events like sales or black friday do not make much sense in the information age.
Back then it was a way to manage supply. Now, everything is stream based, predictions are made to make sure that shops get the right amount of supplies. The result is that instead of a predictable pattern that resulted in special events, we are now left with random noise.
Shops now try to capitalize on the outdated shopping event concept by crafting special offers for it but people start noticing that it completely artificial (no real good deals) and lose interest.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.