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Comment Re:Undetectable adblocker (Score 1) 338

Would it be possible to create an adblocker that loads all the ads but replaces them with beige squares just before they hit the framebuffer?

That's misses the point for most people.
Few people are bothered by the ad itself. They want faster loading time, less tracking, no obstruction, etc... It's like replacing TV ads with a beige screen, I don't really hate TV ads, but I hate it when my program is interrupted.

Comment Re:False Shortage (Score 1) 232

It's not the job of the companies to train people up from scratch.

Maybe not in the US but in other countries like Japan, it is.
They usually pick up smart kids, more importantly, hard working kids, the actual skills don't matter that much. They then grow inside the company. To work correctly, this system requires trust between the employer and the employee. Usually employees get lifetime employment and a steady advancement in exchange for their loyalty. Clearly, it is not how it works in the US, where employers lay off on a whim and loyalty is for suckers.
Both systems have their advantages, I tend to think that the US way is more effective but it is not without drawbacks. The reluctance of companies to train their employees extensively is one of them.

Comment Re:If an investment strategy requires a... (Score 1) 354

Not all games are zero-sum.
Try to see the big picture instead of stupid "get rich quick" schemes.

Just look at economic crisis : nobody seem to profit from it, even the 1% don't get richer. So why does it happen? The workers can still work, the factories are still there, no major shortage in natural resources, ... that's pure economics. So if people can lose out of nothing, they should be able to win out of nothing too.

Comment Re:What usability problems really look like (Score 1) 525

Most charging is done at home, and always will be because that will always be the cheapest option. I believe that California already has rules requiring landlords to allow installation of chargers.

That's assuming you have a home. It is much more complicated if you live in an apartment, or even a house without a parking spot.

Comment Re:The problem is C (Score 1) 74

Not exactly. All C is not valid C++.
However, it may be considered good practice for C code to be written so as to make it valid C++. In is not a big effort and allows you to take advantage of the added safeties included is C++ compilers. Think of it as static analysis.
One trouble however of using C++ is the lack of a binary standard, so, while compiling your C code as C++ may be a good test, actually shipping C code compiled with a C++ compiler may not be a good idea.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 159

I don't know how it is in the US but did you call you city hall?
If you are lucky enough to call them during opening hours then you are put on hold for 10 minutes, then redirected through 3 different services to reach the right person, who, hopefully, isn't on vacation. Then they ask you for information that no mortal can possibly know and log the incident in what must be a write-only database because no one seems to know what happened to the report.
Well, to be fair, sometimes they really are helpful. However, for people how had an bad experience, it is likely that they will just drive around that pothole than repeat the ordeal.

Comment Weak attack (Score 1) 86

It is called a freestart collision.
A freestart collision is one where the attacker gets to choose the initialization vector. In maybe all practical applications, it doesn't happen as it is fixed by the standard.

Unlike MD5, it is still impossible to get two different files that have the same standard SHA-1 checksum.

And even true collision attacks are quite limited. For many applications (like cracking passwords), what you need is a preimage attack, and neither MD5 nor SHA-1 have one.

Comment Re:Apple can't burn fast enough (Score 1) 82

No Apple may be evil and I hate them but I also want them to stay (don't expect me to help them though).
We may love to make fun of them for marketing every little feature as revolutionary but we must admit that they aren't without technical merit. And most importantly, they create competition. Without Apple, I don't think Android would be half as good as it is now.
And while I love Google, I think it is a good thing that Apple (and Microsoft, and Facebook, ...) are here to keep them in check.

Comment Mmmm cookies (Score 1) 84

It is not surprising you didn't find any info on "nuts and bolts" cookies.
Because while nuts are popular ingredients for cookies, bolts are terrible.

So I suggest that you replace bolts with chocolate chips, these are much better and you are much more likely to find information about them.

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