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Comment Re:He gets stuff done, making others look bad (Score 1) 51

At this stage, NASA should just funnel money to SpaceX as fast as they can.

This would turn SpaceX into a NASA clone.
People at SpaceX aren't fundamentally smarter than those from NASA. Their advantage is that, as a private company, they are profit-driven, which prompts for cheaper and more reliable design. Good for routine missions. NASA is more about research and development, that's two different approaches.
Flooding SpaceX with money and asking them to do the same job as NASA is a recipe for disaster IMHO as it will go opposite to where SpaceX is good.

Comment Shopping events are a thing of the past (Score 1) 102

Big shopping events like sales or black friday do not make much sense in the information age.
Back then it was a way to manage supply. Now, everything is stream based, predictions are made to make sure that shops get the right amount of supplies. The result is that instead of a predictable pattern that resulted in special events, we are now left with random noise.
Shops now try to capitalize on the outdated shopping event concept by crafting special offers for it but people start noticing that it completely artificial (no real good deals) and lose interest.

Comment Consoles are about games (Score 1) 370

Don't buy a console like you would buy a PC.
Consoles are not general purposes machines, they are appliances to play games. So you should focus on the game experience rather than the back end (hardware and OS). Sure, the back end has an influence but it is just a mean to an end. In your case, it's easy : Gran Turismo is a Playstation exclusive, and the other two are multi-platform, so that's PS4.
As for reliability, just because the PS2 had a notoriously failure-prone optical drive means nothing about the PS4. It's like not buying a WiiU because of the problems in the cartridge loading mechanism of the NES. As for the XBox, the 360 had the infamous RROD problem. In the end, noone is perfect and it doesn't seem that the track record of either manufacturer justifies choosing one over the other.

Comment Re:PROGRESS BARS!!!! (Score 1) 460

Progress bars are really hard to do right. And they are becoming more and more so now that systems become more complex. And I'm not just talking about time prediction, just having the progress bar updated regularly with relevant progress info is difficult.
So when it is too complicated to make a good progress bar, OS designers chose not to display it instead of having a fake one. Fake progress bars are one that relies on perceptual tricks to make you believe it knows how long it would take while having no idea at all about the actual progress. It is typically done by slowing down gradually.

Comment Re:Bodes Really Well for a Fair Trial (Score 1) 482

Whistleblower protection doesn't allow disclosure of classified information. For this reason, whistleblowers in the intelligence community have official channels where they can report classified information. However, Snowden didn't follow the official channels, so no protection for him.
Well maybe the law will create some ridiculous situation where he may spend many years in prison for disclosing classified information but because of the whistleblower protection, he gets to keep his last month's wage.

Comment Re:Automate trains (Score 2) 96

There are two computer-driven subway lines in Paris, with plans to develop this technology to other lines.
I think the problem is mostly one of certification. Full authority autopilot code is held to much stricter standards than driving aids, even though they are essentially the same thing on trains.

Also, the human driver is usually the only technical person on the train and may need to deal with various problems like various types of obstacle or malfunctions. An autopilot may guarantee the train safety by breaking before the obstacle but may be clueless about what to do afterward : people (healthy or not), animals, rocks other trains or track damage are not dealt with the same way. Should the police be called ? Is there a medical emergency ? For how long will the traffic be interrupted ? Is there a danger for other trains on the same line ? Automated subway lines mitigate the problem with an array of sensors and passive measures (walls) that would be impractical for long distances.

Comment Re:Close the f'ing borders already! (Score 2) 274

Talking about France, yes, we could close the borders, it may be beneficial or it may not but it won't solve your "Muslim" problem. And that is if we could call terrorists who follow the most twisted interpretation of Islam imaginable "Muslims".

Many French immigrants and Muslims in particular are actually French citizens born in the country from naturalized parents. So where do you want to kick them out to? If the goal is to stop them, then it is too late. And just to let you know, when they entered the country, they represented a much needed workforce for the rebuild following WW2.

Don't give up to the fallacy that Islam is the problem. The problem is that the middle east is a prime location for proxy wars and it happens that Islam is the dominant religion there. Should them have been Christians, Jews or even Buddhists that it wouldn't have been different.

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