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Comment Re:Acceptable ads? (Score 1) 251

So, for you, ads on major services from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Amazon are acceptable where small sites that don't have the resources to run their own ad service can go fuck themselves?
The "own server" criteria is effective because it can catch a lot of ads, but "own server" ads are not better, just harder to block.
If external site blocking becomes ubiquitous, the obvious response would be to make the things happen behind the scenes, where the server gets the ad from the external company and relay it to you while sending back tracking data in return. This would make to harder to distinguish ads vs content and would make tracking almost impossible to prevent. It would also make things technically harder because it would add workload to the webmaster's servers and ad providers would have to take measures to make accurate measurements and prevent cheating (probably by tracking more).

Comment There is something wrong about the story (Score 1) 444

- Father has 5 kids. In a western country, that's a lot.
- Father has a job and also studies, that leaves very little time to care about his kids.
- What about the mother?
- What about the 4 other kids, which are presumably girls, why aren't they smart like that boy?
- Finishing a college degree and having a 8 year old son is quite uncommon.

Taken separately, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these points, but taken together, it starts to smell. I suspect his kids are not in the best environment at home (although it certainly could be worse).

Now, the father complains that his kid isn't "gifted". First, who doesn't think his son is special? Then, the point of "gifted" programs is to put the kids in a more challenging environment. The test here is to make sure that the kids won't drop out, and if parents can help them pass the test, they are also more likely to help them pass the "gifted" classes. It may be a bit unfair but affirmative action won't help in this case, if the kids can't follow, whatever the reason is, it is better to put them in a less challenging class.

Comment Re:erhm (Score 1) 146

In France we use the long scale but the term "billion" is almost never used. The short scale billion is called milliard and for the short scale trillions, we simply use thousands of milliards.
Short scale trillions are so big anyways that they only seem to be used to express national debts. In science and computing, SI prefixes are preferred.

Comment Re:What is it with genealogy software? (Score 1) 571

I suspect that racism is more prevalent in genealogists.
Racists tend to care about purity of blood. And the way to check this is, of course, genealogy. So it is likely that racists are more interested in genealogy than most people. Therefore, it is more likely that the proportion of racists among genealogists is higher than the proportion of racists among the general population. That's basic Bayesian statistics, maybe too basic in fact.

Comment Re:Clarification? (Score 3, Interesting) 106

I am not aware of any security technology which can stop an attacker who has broken the file system driver for the root file system. I am not sure what that kind of technology would even look like -- all the ideas I can think of are completely impractical.

It would look like what a lot of people here tend to hate.
- Bootloader (BIOS, EFI, ...) checks that the OS kernel is signed by a trusted authority
- The kernel checks that each module and system file has the correct signature before it is loaded
If the root filesystem driver is compromised, it can tamper with system files but because the signature won't match, the kernel will refuse them. And it can't patch the kernel either because it will be refused by the bootloader.

Samsung KNOX is a full stack implementation working from the bootloader to user applications. On PCs you can start with the UEFI secure boot. Unfortunately, all these solutions tend to impose some root of trust and often don't go well with opensource communities.

Comment Re:It's not just IT (Score 1) 152

15 minutes guarantee? I rarely spent more than 5 minutes in a pharmacy from the time I get in to the time I leave with my medicine. And it didn't seem like there was any kind of pressure on the personnel.
Is it normal in the US to wait for 15 minutes to get your drugs? Maybe it has to do with the "sticker on a bottle and fill it with pills" part? We get our pills in small boxes, no filling nor labelling done by the pharmacist.

Comment Re:How many players can use one PC? (Score 1) 250

Shared screen? not important? Nintendo almost designed the Wii then the WiiU for same screen multiplayer. Mario Kart, Smash Bros, the newer Super Marios, Mario Party, ... all feature same-screen multiplayer. There is a social aspect to same-screen multiplayer that other games don't have, I have a group of gamer friends, ranging from semi-casual to quite hardcore, with different interests, and we all enjoy a game of Smash Bros together.
And BTW, a WiiU is $300, previous generation consoles are even cheaper and still great. A console is not necessarily a PS4 or an Xbone.

Comment Re:Non-removable apps (Score 1) 151

Indeed, it can, I did this on my Nexus One which, at 512 MB, was really short in internal storage. However, it is more risky than simple rooting, usually involves a hard reset and may cause trouble if you want to update your ROM. With current generation 16GB+ phones, it usually doesn't worth it.
There is however a good reason for removing apps from the system partition, and that if you want to put something in the system partition and there isn't enough space inside. It is more for ROM cooks than regular users because it is generally useless to put regular apps in the system partition (at the first update, they will be copied to the data partition), however it is good for things like busybox or privileged apps.

Comment Re:Non-removable apps (Score 2) 151

I have a Galaxy Note4 running KitKat and I can disable most pre-installed apps, including Google ones. They can't be removed because they are stored on the read-only system partition but it is as close as you can get.
If you root, then you can truly uninstall every app. However, the reclaimed storage space is likely to be of little use because, as I said earlier, it is on the system partition.

Comment What about the tsunami? (Score 3, Informative) 172

It looks like the nuclear accident steals the show but one must not forget that the earthquake and tsunami themselves that killed at least 15000 people and rendered many others homeless. So I am not sure how they got to 1600 deaths but how did they differentiate cases that were caused by the radiation-related evacuation and cases where the direct effect of the earthquake and tsunami was the cause.

Comment Re:Move to the latest version? (Score 2, Insightful) 435

If you have trouble remembering IPv6 addresses, you can write them in a text file, like this :
1234:5678:9ABC:DEF0:1234:5678:9ABC:DEF0 mycomputer1
1234:5678:9ABC:DEF0:1234:5678:9ABC:DEF1 mycomputer2

Let's call this file "hosts". But I understand that copy-pasting can be annoying, it would be so much better if the system could use it natively...

But we can go even further! Instead of copying this file between computers we could make some kind of way to synchronize and distribute these files so that it could be always up to date and accessible from anywhere, like some kind of distributed naming scheme (we could call this DNS). If only we had this...

Comment Pot, kettle, black (Score 2) 202

Your data is probably safer in the US than it is in the EU. European countries have spies too, you know...
At least, US citizens seem to make a big deal out of it and they are allowed to speak it out. In the EU, we don't need a Snowden to know that the government spies on us, yet, few people seem to care, of their control of the press is much more effective than in the US.

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