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Comment Re:That's not the answer! (Score 2) 139

If you expect to be able to keep people from murdering other people, you are going to be extremely disappointed.

Even if the rule was "no murders within 300m over private property", the cost of weapons that can kill you while you sunbathe is falling rapidly. Even if you somehow stop that, there is always the danger that a deorbiting satellite will crash into your house from space on a nice clear sunny day.

There seems to be little point in trying to hold this tide back, so let's make murder legal.

Yeah, not so much.

Laws aren't put in place to make it impossible to commit a crime. Laws are meant to provide a level of punishment that makes the inappropriate behavior no longer worthwhile to a rational person. There will always be some people who still break those laws, but the majority of people will abide by them.

Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 2) 63

I think you may have some misunderstanding about what is simpler:
1) Dig up ice, melt it, spray in freezing cold air to make snow (what, you thought there was snow on Mars?), gather snow and pack it into cubes, stack cubes into structure, stack lots more cubes to attain the thickness needed to block radiation (5cm ice equates to 50 cm of snow, after all).

2) Dig up ice, melt it, use 3D printer to print a structure made of solid ice.

Comment Re:Well that settles it then (Score 1) 138

a newly created car, that looks nothing like any car made before,

REALLY? You're going to claim that THIS DAMN NEAR PERFECT REPLICA of the Batmobile from the 1966 show doesn't look anything like any car made before even though it looks EXACTLY like the one from the show?

Comment Re:Well that settles it then (Score 2) 138

There isn't a company on the planet with enough money to produce every possible variation on a 'look'.

From your suggestion of an elephantmobile, a company would have to cover all possible variations of trunk length and diameter, ear length and width and angle from the body, tusk length and curvature and diameter and color, tail length, proportion of leg length to body length, color of skin and dozens of other factors in order to try and block out all other possible elephantmobiles. Millions upon millions of elephantmobiles would have to be produced just to lock down this one single look.

And even then, someone would still be able to add butterfly wings and glitter and go into the market with the fairy elephantcar with no chance of you being able to stop them unless you'd thought of the same thing.

Comment Re:Well that settles it then (Score 4, Insightful) 138

MANY MORE people will start creating batmobiles and replicas of other DC comics things.

That's actually okay and they won't do anything to prevent people from creating those replicas. It's only when someone decide to go into business creating and selling replicas that they'll take legal action to stop it.

Comment Re:Also the Solution to the Last Mile Problem? (Score 1) 164

Capitalism will keep all the private providers in check. There's no way Comcast and it's ilk would behave the way they do if they had to compete for your business.

Bullshit. Just one look at how those same telecom companies have raped consumers with shitty cell phone plans, locked in hardware, insane overage and roaming charges is enough to prove that capitalism does not keep providers in check. Only strong regulation by the government that you feel should be limited has ever done anything to slow down any of it.

Comment Re:Why is this being discussed? (Score 2) 151

Hasn't every single case in USA been due to someone swimming in a open body of water?


Why would we care about them surviving in drinking water?

Because it's also the water that you shower in, swim in, get sprayed with if someone uses a squirt gun on you, get splashed with when you wash a dish by hand and so forth. Most people don't want to constantly be exposed to a parasite that can kill them.

Comment Re:Not all that uncommon in reality (Score 1) 217

Someday Steam will go away, and then all those discs which are now coasters which install Steam and maybe some game resources will just be coasters.

Yes, and someday the universe will end in heat death and everything that ever existed will be useless. That doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy it up until that point.

Nothing recedes like success. -- Walter Winchell