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Comment Re:Smart (Score 0) 109 109

You're ignoring the fact that much of the top 1% gain wealth in forms that don't show up as income. Being paid with shares of stock rather than cash is one of the most obvious of the many, many ways that the wealthy use to increase their wealth without having to list it as income and pay taxes.

I even benefit from that, in fact, as I get shares in the company I work for equal to about 20% of my salary per year. Until I sell those shares, which I won't be doing until I'm retired, I won't pay a cent in taxes on that increase in my wealth.

And yes, I realize it's a bit hypocritical that I take advantage of the very tax dodges that I'm saying shouldn't exist. That doesn't change the fact that the wealthy don't need more tax breaks on top of the metric buttload that they already have.

Comment Re:Food Allergies (Score 1) 162 162

The "houses kept too clean" theory is interesting but by no means proven; northwest Scotland is considered to have the cleanest environment in the developed world (due to wind and rain from the Atlantic) and that was true before 1970 as well but children there have seen the same increase in nut allergies as elsewhere.

The wind and rain from the Atlantic isn't really a factor in how clean a house is unless there's something very wrong with the roof and/or windows.

Comment Re:Smart (Score 1) 109 109

I think you've confused a statement made to a reporter as part of a PR effort with lobbying the government.

The Koch brothers actively lobby for corporate-friendly legislation that includes those tax credits and spend millions backing the Republican party which has spent the last three decades doing everything they can to cut taxes on the wealthy.

Comment Re: If race doesn't exist, how is this possible? (Score 1) 312 312

There is debate about whether Cro-Magnon should be classed as a separate species or as a subspecies of Homo sapiens. The interbreeding is part of that debate. It increasingly looks like they will end up classed as a subspecies, but who knows. Classifications change as new information is discovered.

Comment How should I know? (Score 1) 618 618

The wheel? The ramp? The lever? The wedge?

All these technologies were developed before written history, so we have no way of knowing which was first. My guess would be the wedge since those are useful for killing and dismantling animals prior to eating them.

Comment Re:If race doesn't exist, how is this possible? (Score 4, Funny) 312 312

If humanity IS one species means humanity is a single species BUT its members CAN be further subdivided into groups by constellations of heritable traits

Humanity can't be further subdivided. Subspecies is the only recognized taxonomic level below species and the most important trait of a subspecies is that, while they are capable of interbreeding with and producing fertile offspring, they do not interbreed in nature.

While there are racists who fervently wish it wasn't so, we're long past the days when interracial relationships weren't common. While the racists in the world whine and cry about racial purity, the rest of the human race is happily fucking its way toward homogeneity

Comment Re:Good thing I used CmdrTaco's info (Score 1) 446 446

You could, but that's too simple. The point of that post wasn't to provide the simplest means of accomplishing the goal. It was to let the poster try to impress other people with his/her superiority. For that, a simple solution won't do and a complex, difficult to implement solution has to be presented.

Comment Re:Yeah, blame the parents (Score 1) 173 173

Why can't she decide for herself?

Let's look at a recent survey:

* More than half of girls (53 percent) ages 16 to 24 feel they lacked the confidence to do whatever they wanted to do after puberty.
* Almost all girls (89 percent) feel there is pressure to conform to the way they're supposed to feel and act.
* Sixty percent of girls believe that society's expectations have a negative impact on their life.
* Girls are almost twice as likely as boys to say they did not feel comfortable doing an activity in school because of their gender.

Why can't she decide for herself? Because society is filled with arrogant assholes who insist that women must conform to the traditional roles that women have always been confined to. Any woman who dares to stand up and make a different choice is harassed, abused, derided and shoved back down.

This is about trying to remove the social pressures that force women to conform to traditional roles, not forcing them to become engineers. You don't like that idea, so you're trying very hard to make a straw man work, but it's just making you sound like an arrogant asshole who wants to keep the status quo in place.

Comment Re:Yeah, blame the parents (Score 1) 173 173

Historically, males have been the risk takers, and females have by choice taken fewer risks. Guys do outrageous shit, and girls seldom do anything terribly outrageous.

Pursuing a career in a field that has high demand and better than average pay is neither risky nor outrageous.

When your 'facts'* have nothing to do with what you're arguing for, you should probably step back and reconsider whether your position makes any sense or not.

*scare quotes because the so-called facts presented are gender stereotypes enforced by society which are being held up as evidence that those stereotypes must be natural.

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