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Comment Re:Also the Solution to the Last Mile Problem? (Score 1) 160

Capitalism will keep all the private providers in check. There's no way Comcast and it's ilk would behave the way they do if they had to compete for your business.

Bullshit. Just one look at how those same telecom companies have raped consumers with shitty cell phone plans, locked in hardware, insane overage and roaming charges is enough to prove that capitalism does not keep providers in check. Only strong regulation by the government that you feel should be limited has ever done anything to slow down any of it.

Comment Re:Why is this being discussed? (Score 2) 148

Hasn't every single case in USA been due to someone swimming in a open body of water?


Why would we care about them surviving in drinking water?

Because it's also the water that you shower in, swim in, get sprayed with if someone uses a squirt gun on you, get splashed with when you wash a dish by hand and so forth. Most people don't want to constantly be exposed to a parasite that can kill them.

Comment Re:Not all that uncommon in reality (Score 1) 197

Someday Steam will go away, and then all those discs which are now coasters which install Steam and maybe some game resources will just be coasters.

Yes, and someday the universe will end in heat death and everything that ever existed will be useless. That doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy it up until that point.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 4, Insightful) 389

Why fix small issues that take virtually no effort to fix when you can blow them off because there are much larger issues that are nearly impossible to fix.

I mean, my house has a foundation issue that will take a year or two for me to save up the money to repair, so it makes sense for me to stop taking out the trash and cleaning the cat's litter box. I have to focus on the big issue, right? The trash and cat shit can wait a couple of years.

Comment Re:Metabolic rate doesn't vary that much (Score 1) 381

Now you're contradicting yourself.

You started by saying that it that it doesn't vary between fat people and thin people and only food intake and exercise matters. Now you're trying to argue that the variance is irrelevant because it it is partly caused by differences in fat mass and free fat mass.

Additionally, you're ignoring this line from the link I provided:
The rest of the variation (26.7%) was unexplained. It could not be accounted for by age, gender, fat mass, free mass or any other factor they found.

And this:
In one study, when comparing individuals with the same lean body mass, the top 5% of BMRs are 28-32% higher than the lowest 5% BMR.

I could keep going, but there's no point. You've offered no proof whatsoever to back up the opinions you keep stating as fact and you're contradicting yourself in your own arguments. I'm not going to bother replying any more because this is turning into the equivalent of arguing with a new earther about evolution.

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